Essential Viewing - Millionaire Traders BBC2


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OK, posted this a bit late for Tuesday's episode but it is available on iplayer.

If anyone has ever wondered about the life of a city trader this programme gives a true insight into 'how things work'. The cross section of people chosen is so far shaping up into brilliant examples of how many different traits that can befall potential traders. At this stage it's hard to forecast who will make it and who won't but the old lad is not going great guns tbf! The scouse lad and the woman with long dark hair my guesses for now.

Well worth watching over the net to catch up with the first episode. Nothing on tv has captured my interested this much for years. The timing of this show is Monty Python-esque!

I read a quote a while ago that is very true, obviously advertising blurb with an american slant, but true all the same.

"Trading has the ability to be your own cornucopia. Nothing out there but winning the lottery or being able to hit a baseball over 600 feet can present such possibilities. Consider the fact that most professionals require years of costly study and decades of experience to "make it to the top". But few professions have the unlimited financial potential and independence that trading offers. Do you think the kind of opportunity doesn't come with costs?"
so theyre the bastards who nearly bought down HBOS! :lol:


I think at least one of the guys would have gone over Black Friars into the soup, never to be seen again had he thought his trading had played any such part!
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Gutted I missed this, saw a trailer on it last week

Record Series on V+ for me 8) only just realised I have this function after 8 months :oops: