Essential mixes

Not an EM i think, but taken from radio... you can find a set by Tiesto @ Space in Aug/18/02. Nice set if you like Tiesto and trance.
Strand House III
Got tracks like...

Lutricia MC Neal - Syke'n'Sugarstar
Robbie Riviera - Heiko Laux
J.C.A. -Tom Novy feat. Sabrina Pope
Moguai - Emerald City
Studio 54 - Denuit
Steve Lawrance VS. Patrick Marsh - Presslaboys
Alphawezen VS. The Timewriter - Jan Johnston
Loco - Minilogue
Another one Ive been listening to lately is

Kingshouse vol 3


01. should i - savier & blue bourbon
02. whatchulookinat - whitney houston
03. acrobats - moony
04. it aint nothing - cricco castelli
05. my love grows - michelle weeks
06. soul power - full intention feat thea austin
07. sunshine hotel - jamie lewis & nick morris
08. moodbangers - moodbangers
09. feel your body - asmodeus
10. better way - nathan g pres lucky charm feat chance
11. keep on lovin - whiteside pres soulvibes
12. good enough - fabio m feat angie brown
13. found a love - mekkah feat bryan chambers
14. now or never - sound of joy
15. join me brother - afro angel
16. let the sunshine in - soul providers feat robin ru
17. keep on rising - jay-j feat latrice barnett
18. home away from home - soul of switzerland
N8 said:
hhhmmm got plump djs fabriclive mix but dont like it! :confused:

Not got that one so can't comment, personally I like their EM though.
Tongy @ Space last August was good for some upfront hands in the air tunes 8)
Have you got Oakie's goa mix from 18/12/94? This one's absolutely fantastic, a tad dated now but really ground breaking at the time.
absolutely agree on goa mix cookie. still my all time favourite. only get it out once in a while now to prevent overlistening ;-)

the mync project e-mix from early last year is good one - lots of funky tunes

sasha and diggers e-mix from miami last year is good too
diggers from homeland in 2001 is a corker too
sander kleinenberg's e-mix from 2001 is very good
danny howells mix from last year is fun too - completely different, with down tempo, ambient, drum and bass - really interesting actually.

why not join - they you can download almost every single e-mix ever done.

paul oakenfold in '96 is another goody and some of the early sasha and diggers mixes from '95 '96 are really good if you like that sort of stuff.
cheers james, funny I just downloaded the danny howells one yesterday, had a quick listen last night and it did sound very good.

Gonna have to check out a few more of your suggestions now
Heehee been wanting to get all the good e-mixes for ages, just got a 1meg pipe at home this week so they will soon be mine,all mine :lol: ;)
N8 said:
Heehee been wanting to get all the good e-mixes for ages, just got a 1meg pipe at home this week so they will soon be mine,all mine :lol: ;)
Nice one N8, have you signed up with Like james said all the EM's are on there. Happy downloading ;)
N8, acquired the Tim Deluxe one from last year and it's well worth a listen to. If you haven't got it already, I'd recommend you check it out.
for classic trance - Nick Warren/Paul Oakenfold from Cream in 1997 or 1998


The Scumfrog

were good ones