Essential Mix - Please Help!!

yeah soulseek or winmx are pretty good places to download them from... no need to pay for them on cd....

any particulars you looking for???
Don't know the dates off the top of my head.
A Farley and Heller one, a Tuff Jam one and a Tim Jeffries one.
Soulseek eh?
I'll give it a go. Never had any joy with Kazaa.
rodber -

just download it from there but keep an eye out for updates cos if they do update the system the old one will not load.

if you search for essential mix it'll give you hundreds of files
hi robder,

there used to be an excellent site called - real trainspotter's dream with tracklisttings for EVERY essential mix up until march last year.

for some reason they no longer do it.

i spent months searching out gems such as:

Paul Oakenfold's Goa (i only had an original tape mix of that - now on cd but unfort. without the pete tong voice over - "firmly marked down on the hippy trail..." "...backpackers, ravers and hedonists..." "....his full moon party, his goa mix..." "...and we're not going out" ;-)
Sasha '94 - the birth of progressive house
Digweed '95 in his renaissance 2 era - gorgeous stuff
Danny tenaglia '94 - pure house
Sasha live at Amnesia '96 - banging

etc, etc

took months, but is possible. i got most of them by joining a forum which allowed people to swap. you upload something cool, they let you download something cool, and so on.

do a search on that sort of thing in google.

otherwise take the easy way out, i have seen the complete oakenfold live collection on ebay for 50 quid, same goes for sasha and others.

p.s. search for essential mix tracklistings in google i think there is another site somewhere which does the same as the original

good luck

p.s. this is the most conclusive evidence yet that i am a geek :lol:
DONT USE KAZAA! Its got so much adware and spyware in. I use Kazaa lite which is much better, WinMx has an AMAZING library but the queues are ridiculous! I aint tried that soulseek yet but will check it out. The fasttrack network / Kazaa has lots of quality stuff.

p.s- I can give the hyperlink to kazaa lite if u want.
Robder said:
Does anyone know where I can get good quality CDs of back dated radio 1 essential mixes?

Robder, visit and look in the mixes section of the catalogue.

They have a huge selection of essential mixes on cd plus HEAPS of other cool sets from the last 3/4 years (don't have many 2003 mixes on the site yet). They cost £4.99 each and if you buy 3 you get one free.

I would definitely recommend them as if you can't see the one you want, drop them an email and they will no doubt be able to get it for you.

I spent AGES looking for Oakies Essential mix from the Rojan in Shanghai, China from a few years ago - then I found these guys and had it in my cd player within the week. 8) 8) 8)

james said:
hi robder,

Sasha live at Amnesia '96 - banging

heh, I was at that. When he palyed the rabbit in the moon mix of inner city life it was emotional (and was without the help our little tablet friends!!!) Slacker - Scared, one of my all time fav's.

Oh what a night that was!
lucky bugger paul,

i was repping that year and had to work really early the next day - so no chance of going, but i can still remember the posters all around the island - man am i jealous!!! :)
DT was around in audio galaxy for ages, so any one of the file programmes mentioned above should have copies of it :)

good luck