Es Vive Hotel? Base Bar? Hed Kandi parties?



Hello there everyone!

I've finally saved up (seems like my entire life) to take me and my girl to Ibiza this year in July. I had no idea where to stay, so I finally picked a hotel that looked like it would cater to a younger, musically inclined crowd. Now I need to ask if anyone knows anything about htis place...

We are staying at the Es Vive Hotel. Does anyone know anything about this place? I also heard Hed Kandi (nice) is puttin on weekly parties there - any thoughts? Last question...For Thursday night - PVD and Tiesto or Ministry Of Sound? Is the Ministry of Sound show that good?

Cant wait to rock star the week away...I looked on the calander and it looks like we're missing James Zabiela the week we are there :(
djsnaz said:
We are staying at the Es Vive Hotel. Does anyone know anything about this place? I also heard Hed Kandi (nice) is puttin on weekly parties there - any thoughts? (

well, you can visit them online
Es Vive is a very nice hotel, kind of like a hotel you would expect in Miami.
I'm sure you will enjoy your stay there.

ES Vive

Stayed there last year just after it opened.

Its run by Jason of Bas Bar and friends who also now own pin-up as well

Be nice, not pushy, and go with the flow and you'll have a wicked time

Lots of top bods hang out there, kandi do a party, so you should be able to get guest lists etc.

It's got a wicked deck and pool, so enjoy.

You're missus should be well impressed
Es Vive is one of nicest hotels on island, we're staying there June, can't wait.

Re Thursdays it's always Ministry for me. They get some wicked guests over there, DJs you might not normally get opportunity to see much in England and the crowd is much better. Cream crowd is younger, very Brit orientated and a bit toe-raggy.........and you won't have room to dance :rolleyes:
Robo said:
and you won't have room to dance

yeah but mos is like that..

I think cos of layout of Pacha tho you can always find a little bit of room to dance, whereas in Amnesia you can't move. I think Ministry will be less busy this year on Thurs cos you normally get a lot of Spanish locals there on Friday nights cos it's their wkend.
i was also thinking that it may be less busy because of the competition for both clubs, but thinking about it, i don't think there will be much competition because both cream and mos are VERY different in crowd and music!
My GF and I always end up meeting tons of new, friendly people when we party so me thinks Es Vive will be great!

Sooooooo...Is it safe to say that Cream is more of a "glowstick crowd", while MOS is more of a traditional club (if there is one is Ibiza)?

The reason I ask is that I actally planned our trip around a date that PVD would spin at Cream. BUT, I have always wanted to go to a MOS party. So many choices...

Damn people, another question (sorry)...

We will be in Barcelona and Sitges the week before we go to Ibiza - does anyone currently know what the best clubs are there?
Lol, the best club in Sitges.......?


Sitges Pacha was the first one ever to open, few years before Pacha Ibiza opened. Lucky me has a mate in Sitges :D
hey djsnaz- when will you be there? My group of five is there July 12-19. It'll be my second time staying there- good choice for a hotel.
The cream crowd are definitely younger
Cream main room is usually trance style music.
but the back room is more housey and they have some good dj's in there like yousef and i read about mync who play on 4 decks and do all sorts of wonderful things so i'd like to see that.
I think i'm gonna do cream one week and ministry the next. I have had many good night at Ministry and its in my favorite venue.
Both Cream and Ministry have been on the island for a long time so they know what they are doing.
Fun at Cream, sophisticated at Ministry ( but fun too )
wfusteve - We are flying into Ibiza on July 17th (Thursday) EARLY in the morning. We will probably try to check in our bags and hit the scene around town to get aquainted with the area. Let's bump this thread in July and see if your group and us wanna meet for a drink...btw, where are youand your group from?

Sounds like Cream might be our choice for Thursday night. I didn't know about the house music in the back. Es Vive sounds perfect...
Hotel Es Vive, is amazing great vibe, great people and great atmosphere. Damn, I met one of the owners in sundays@space off his frickin face trying to expound the virtues of partying and such. I don't which one it was since there are two owners. It suffices to say you wil have a great time there!