Es Vedra


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For some reason I've never (knowingly) spotted the mystical rock formation. Where on the island would be the best spot to look at it?


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:eek::eek: what? seriously?

best views are from cala d'hort area. either down at the beach or then further up close to the watchtower.


The beach is good and there are two platforms opposite Es Vedra that you can take good pictures, you get there by taking a left on the way down to Cala D'Hort... But don't make the mistake that me and my boyfriend made this year. We climbed to the Torre De Savinar from the second platform along the edge of the cliff. The journey down was one of the most terrifying things I have experienced. Particularly as it's hard to find the path and you find yourself veering onto rocky ledges on the cliff. I was crying at one point and couldn't move :eek:


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Or you can rent a mini speed boat from Cala dahort and take a cruise around the island , not to expensive . Can't remember how much but four of us went and it was superb .