Es Cana


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We are in Es Cana now until next Wednesday, weather totally gorgeous and hot today, someone recommended another beach for us to try but i cant find the thread or the beach, can someone help please.

Sunday it gives rain, what can we do wtih 4 teenagers and a 6 year old to stop them from being bored??

been recommended a place i think it was called San Carlos? a spanish lady said there was a really good market there on saturday, can anyone help wtih bus times and tables please from the Miami?

Having a great time so far, apart from the thunderstorms that we had on wednesday, we got totally soaked lol xx
jump in a taxi thats the best thing to do.its only up the road anyway.

right to find thread you need.if you have relpyed to your name.then click show all statistics.then find all will give you a list of all the treads you have looked at and relpyed
Beaches: You must know Cala Nova?only a few mins walk from the Miami,further in the same direction is Cala Llenya I've walked there a few times from Es Cana,nice beach,but with a 6 year old probably a bit difficult! The bus is a rare beast http://ibizabus/index.html
In the other direction,through Es Cana,past Punta Arabi is Cala Martina,after the road bends to the right turn left past the campsite,you will see the beachbar 'Chirincana'.

About San Carlos,I wonder if you were told about the night market at Las Dalias? Not sure but I think that might have finished for the season?
In the event of heavy rain (don't know the ages of your kids obviously) I would get a bottle and a pack of cards!
Sorry not much help really.
spoke to the rep, and he seems to think it was Las Dalias that the spanish lady was talking about, its on all day during saturday, so we have to get a taxi there, aparently its 10 euros each way, but trouble is, as there is 7 of us, we need to get 2 taxis, as we cant find a taxi that wil take us all!! But wil see, the sun just popping out, so may make the most of the sunshine and stay on the beach.

Thank you for all the advice anyway xx