Es Calo Apartments San An



Can any1 please give me a review on these apartments that we have booked for a week in July.

Third time on the isle but never stayed on this side of San An.

Any reviews would be great
going there next week so ill try and post some info when i get back :D
i was there last year ..... ....ideal location, food downstairs is ok...
air conditioning in all rooms .... some rooms big some small and not all rooms have a balcony.....
30 metres down the road is the es calo beach ...... excellent setting for the sunset ...... and then just over about 100 yards you have kanya and coastline .....
i take your going with escapades ...... ignore the reps and there excursions and you should have a pleasant stay .....

anything else just ask .....
Cheers Doddy

Thanks for that. One other thing - is the place clean ie maid service fairly often ?? This is something I've experienced in the past and it can ruin a classic holiday.

Cheers Doddy.
Good luck?

stayed at es calo playa last sept, maid service? well i'd call it theft! had my £120 burburry sunnies twocked,a karen millen top & some make up!! had same dirty sheets all week,bins emptied once in 7 days! in all seriousness, keep ya stuff in ya suitcases, but don't despair! the recptionists are v laid back, didn't mind me walking through reception with a six foot pole, followed by my mate taking off all her clothes. Try fatso's down the road for an english brekkie.Visit soul city. a brilliant holiday, after all not there to admire the hotel! have fun x x x
Es Calo Play was great

I was there exactly 1 year and 1 week ago.
Had a great time! :lol:

Room was compact with three single beds in it but only two of us staying.
Very small wardrobe so third bed was used as a dumping ground. :confused:

Food & drink in the bar is really cheep but go else where for main meals.
Fridge in the room was very handy for storing hang over cures and the air con was a life saver!

We had maid service every day - usually while we were still in bed ;)
Kept valuables in safty deposit box at reception.
No complaints at all.

Great beach 2 minutes away and 10 minute stagger to the west end.
We stayed with Escapades and the reps were great to us - they do give it the hard sell but you expect it as they are on low wages and depend on commission.
We went on most rep trips - some were great value for money (especially those with a free bar, and the Judgement Sunday trip) some weren't so good.

We are heading back to Ibiza with Escapades on 4th July but to the Florencia hotel as we were told the Es Calo Playa wasn't available this time.
Hope to meet up with our reps from last year - Beau, Sharkey & Monkey.

Can't wait!!! :p