Es Cala Apartments with Escapades reps



Just got back from a week of carnage in Ibiza....horrible to be back, thought i'd share some info with you guys tho:

The Es Cala apartments were really good. Fairly big room with 3 single beds (for 3 of us), brilliant to have a fridge and freezer compartment to store all those drinks, saves a LOT of money on pre clubbing antics :) Air conditioning in every room which cost a 60 euro deposit which you get back as long as you keep the reciept and dont lose the contoller for the air con unit :) Very worth getting, so nice to have a cold room to come back to in the early hours of the day and sleep when the sun is blazing outside. A small tip tho...the unit goes as low as 16 degrees but if you put it below about 20 it will start dripping water, and we had ours at 25 most of the time and was still really cool......and no water dripping. The cleaners came at a reasonable time too, at about 2-3pm which was good, as doesnt disturb u too much :D

didnt really use the hob but they have 2 gas powered rings for food if you can be bothered

Safety deposit boxescost 30 euros and you get 10 back when u hand in the key, but worth having to store your flight tickets and stuff.....

24 hour reception so they keep you passports for you and take your keys if you want when u go out, so saves you lossing them.

Bar is cheap for drinks but can be pretty hot down there. Food is good and pretty cheap. Pool is very small and never bothered going to it really. Beach about 10 m away which is pretty nice. 5 mins walk to Kanya/Coastline, and then if you cut along the coast front from there you can get to Mambo, and Del Mar in about 5 mins too. 10 mins walk to the West End, but we avoided it liek the plague as the PR ppl are a pain in the ass and its full of beer boys.

The reps were brilliant!!! very surprised after the hard selling and early morning wake-ups from 2wentys last yr. No pressure to buy excursions which was very good. They only had daytime boozecruise/pub crawls and stuff to sell so if you want to they are there to do, but we didnt. In return for them being nice to us we did buy a few club tickets off them as they have tickets for all the nights on the island pretty much, even tho they arent organised excursions. Although Mega Music shop in San An (opposite KFC) is very good for tickets, make sure to ask for a free poster with every ticket you buy from them :) pretty much same price everywhere tho. The reps never pestered us and were very friendly, had a good long chat with one of the guys one afternoon and he seemed a really good bloke.
I'm going there TOMORROW i was a bit worried about the apartments but i'm looking forward to it now!!