ermmm angelina jolie! errrmmm brad pitt!


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well thought that might get your attention peeps! who's going in september then?! were goin 2nd sept -9th...san ant...central ****ty! cant wait! anybody else there at that time!? :)
I'm a Brad Pitt arse! :twisted:

In San-An 26th Aug - 6th Sept at Abrat.... Tiesto & PVD booked

Up for a drink or several
Hola *flappers*!

I have posted the following thread (near the top of this forum):

Have not booked yet and could probably go around the time ur there. I have stayed at Central City B4 & this would be my 13th Ibiza trip in 9 years! :D I'm 27, originally from Boro, but live in Essex. I've never travelled to Ibiza solo b4. Let me know if you fancy it (or not). Please PM me either way if u can.