Erick Morillo or Sarah Main?


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A new big club is opening in my city this weekend (Guru) and they will set up two parties:

- Friday night: Main guest DJ: Erick Morillo.

- Saturday Night: Main guest DJ: Sarah Main.

What would you personally choose? What type of music does Sarah Main play?
She is resident at Pacha Ibiza throughout the entire year.


A) she must be pretty good
B) I assume she plays fairly funky house

Enjoy :p
Sarah Main is good......typical ibizan house vibe and a very Pacha style dj (where she is resident). Think she played at Pin Up a bit as well on Mondays this year.

not sure if i could really choose between her and Morillo though!
Thanks all for the advices.
The problem is that I can't be much time tonight, I have to wake up relatively early this Saturday. So I'm thinking on trying Sarah Main.

One thing I wouldn't like is that she played too vocal house. I like funky house, but not if it's very vocal. I prefer tribal or harder house, so my likings would fit more with Morillo's sets, but as I can enjoy much more time on Saturday night I'll try Sarah's set.

I'll tell you!
When I saw Sarah Main at Subliminal a few weeks ago her set was excellent and I don't remember her playing too many vocal tunes.
However, what she does at Pacha is warm up for the headliners (on the night I saw her) so if she was the headliner herself, she would probably play a lot more of the big tunes of the moment, vocal included.
The fact that I've seen Erick loads lately would lead me to choose Sarah.
Let us know how she was.
As you can see I'm home Friday night. Yes, we'll finally go see Sarah Main.

Moreover as today's the first night of the club's career, there will be for sure many curious people instead of proper clubbers.

BTW the club's been set up in Heron City Valencia, by the owners of Heron City. I believe they're British and therefore there must be some Heron Cities in the UK. I hope they're good on taking charge of a club.

I know people who's working there and they told me it's an impressive venue, and the sound system has been set up by the same people who set up the inner room in Space (good prospect), but in addition it'll be quite more powerful, and any problem in it will be solved in realtime from the UK via Internet. :eek:
I finally went to see Sarah Main playing. She played a great set, and the club is fabulous. It's the best sound system I've ever heard, my god, incredible!

But..... It was full of posh university students and fop dandies who don't know how to have a proper clubbing night. People can't be standing in groups and chatting without shaking their bodies all time in the middle of the dancefloor!!

On the other hand some friends of mine went on Friday night to see Erick Morillo and they told it was wicked. But they came with us on Saturday and couldn't support more than 1 hour seeing that atmosphere.

Morillo got astonished about the venue, the crowd on Friday night and the sound and he's proposed the owners of the club (British BTW) to set up one Subliminal party once every month!! It would be great! But the club marketing have to change to stop attracting people like I saw on Saturday night.

Poor Sarah Main, I'm sure she wanted the minutes to turn into seconds. In my opinion this new club has to re-focus their goals on a different type of people. :rolleyes: