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MY GOD! I normally don´t like House, but this track is soooooo cool!
is this was subliminal on Wednesdays at Pacha are all about???


(Barbies probably gonna say: ok, there you go - finally she´s learned a bit, that blonde danish tranceloving girlie!)
oh Ibiza G, how we love the same things! lol

Ye, I heard this on Ericks new subliminal mix, wicked vocals :)

Trying to find out how much subliminal is gonna cost on the 6th august -can seem to find anything tho! Any ideas?

N :p
I'm going to marry this man......he was so good at Pasha's. :eek:
ill forgive u this time! lol j/k

Im having a nightmare at the mo, gona get flights tommorrow (if thats sold out ill cry!), -but just phoned the place I stayed in last year and theres no rooms left! :(

Considering that Solimar. Uve stayed here aint ya babes? U got the phone number for it?
yeah take the solimar thingy if nothing else comes around and try any airline or flight connection you can think of!

listening to Jo Mills at the Moment, she has just made a special houseset for national radio here ,cool stuff - im actually liking house when its this kinda stuff!
u get there on my birthday! u seen my plans? Nice and cheap- NO entry fees so more money for mash up! U still got your sony cam? I ordered the smallest digital camera in the world -quite expensive! V sexy tho, demand is low unfortuately- dont think im gonna get it before I go - fingers crossed tho!

Aint seen Jo Mills in a while, will have to check out Smokin Jo this year again as well, shes quality too :)
oops, sorry, thought it was u who had the sony cybershot, got u confused with lisa! forgive me.

I have images of robert de niro givin it 'u talkin to me' in my head now! lol
ill pm u before or something mate, giv u my just number in case. U happen to know if that solimar has a 24 hr reception? Can we just turn up and ask for a room?
uhh no sorry hun´no numer, it was a few years ago!
you have to call them and see if they have a contact number otherwise you have to aks on these pages for more info, this is all i have!!!!!