Eric Prydz 'Opus' ... to drop or not to drop, that is the question.

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Thought it would be an idea to take the discussion on Eric Prydz 'Opus' to a dedicated thread, as there is a huge controversy going on about in in forums and music mags.

Like here:

The discussion about which version is actually the 'right' one is really interesting I think.
The Original Mix with the shorter build-up and the massive drop, or the Four Tet remix which does not really have a real breakdown rather than a smooth release.

There is people who say that when Maceo Plex played the track at amnesia, people were actually missing the drop moment - I for my part think the essence is more that clubbers are getting more and more impatient and are not ready for new experiences anymore. They were starting the sit-down after like 1 min.

I actually like both versions - because I do NOT think that the Original Mix is mainstream EDM. It is much too experimental for it.

Also, I believe there is nothing wrong about a big drop - it is just that the track should not solely depend on it.
What is this obsession with drops? It's bizarre. People who go to clubs hoping to hear them all the time are musically retarded

*Four Tet has made some excellent tracks in the past, eg Ringer & the remix of bob holroyd's african drug which fries your mind on a good system

But this prydz one sounds very cliched to me, drop or no drop