Epic Songs/Tracks/Tunes (10mins plus)


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Only discovering this thread now 🤔

This tune by Sven and remixed by deepdish always puts me into orbit



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here's a fave of mine. lush vibes

Dr Beat from San Sebastian who of course later rebranded as Two Mamarrachos. Possibly my fave Spanish live DJs


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Jam & Spoon had their moments. Big fave of mine.

Garnier playing this at Sir Henry's in Cork 93 or 94 was mind-blowing... Sir Henry's was like a NYC club but in Ireland.. Just House and only the brave played there....😀
I was behind them when they were hogging the breakfast buffet at Best Western, Hull c1992

Imagine how confusing it got when I asked them to pass me additional cutlery and a small pot of preserves.