engine engine number 9



on the new york transit line.......you know the rest...westwood has been playing it for time so is dave pearce now...what is the song with that sampled in it
hmm thanks but that is sort of but not the exaxt one i after...its almost like a fugees style thin but not them...keep looking me thinks
Yeah, heard it tonight on Radio One, its got a womans voice sampled in it too, apparently its a NYC DJ who's responsible for it, check the radio 1 website message boards.
It's getting a release soon after lots of legal wranglings over the samples. Been around the clubs for a long time. Was under the name of Faith Evans - Love Like This Before (Crooklyn Clan remix).

But, it's proper name on the new release is;

Crooklyn Clan feat Fatman Scoop - Be Faithful (Save The Last Dance Soundtrack) ;)

......the new release has had a few tweaks added to the remix. 8)
found it...thanks for your help guys...the one i looking for is "fat man scoop and be faithful"