Encanto Apartments- San Antonio Bay


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Hello there peeps,

I am visiting Ibiza for the 2nd time between Aug 2nd-16th and have booked to stay at the above apartments. Can anybody that has stayed there give me any idea of what they are like? Just myself and my blokey going and was wondering are we going to be surrounded by the typical english lager lout :evil: or will there be enough peace and quiet to grab a couple of hours sleep to rest my footsies after a hard night on the dancefloor :D . Thanks for your help Sparklexx

No you should be ok there stayed there twice over the years and they are nicely tucked back off the bay road. A mix of families, clubbers and obviously the young 18-20 first timers but after many a long night rocking the night away we have managed to get our heads down for a few hours quiet in the room or around the pools. I've stayed in a lot worse over there!
Yo Sparkle,

I've Been To Encanto The Last 4 Years (Would'nt Go Anywhere Else)

Quiet When You Want It To Be !

Good Base !

Mad Barmen (Carlos ,Sergi , & Johnny)

Thank you for your replys!!

I am feeling a bit less worried now!! I cant wait to go but still seems so far away. :cry:
Yo Sparkle ,

If U Got Any More Questions About The Apartments.

Give Me A Shout !

:D :eek: :p
I'm gonna be there with the girlfriend from the 22nd June -> 6th July.

A couple of questions for anyone who know's the apartments:

1) Is the pool any good (size, poolside bar/food etc)
2) Are the rooms well equipped (kitchen wise)
3) Are they close to bars/clubs?
4) Anyone wanna meet? :D