encanto and klippe appartments


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only 1 thing had to spoil our perfect week in ibiza!
when we arrived at our appartments, 3 lads, we'd been promised by the travel agents all this free cool stuff, free bbqs, free gifts on arrival and late checkouts, we thought we were quids in!!
but sorry 2 say when we got there it was a totally different story, the room wasnt big enough to swing a mouse in! and not only that it was a sweaty hell hole, the bathroom could have been used for a sauna, going for a number 2, you'd come out of there looking like u'd had a shower it was so hot in there. free gifts i read?! hmmm yeah right... the only free gift we saw, was the next morning, with a reps a free plastic cup of sangria, and where was this bbq i was reading about, that didnt happen either!
we had some friends coming the next day, when they arrived they thought their room was bad, at encanto, but when we got there at about 4am sunday morning, it wasnt looking too bad, pretty spacious, nice balcony as well, thought they'd got a good deal, boy were we wrong...
as our room was a sweaty hellhole, we decided most nites to go there to stay as they had a fan and a nice cool balcony, but come monday nite, the oompahlumpa of a security guard that couldnt even speak properly, comes barging in the room, throwing us out, and threatening my 2 friends (which both happen to be lasses) with eviction. they hadnt even had a warning, and we werent making much noise anyway, and to be fair the person in the room next to them was a typical lad of 18 anyway.
we sort things out with the rep the next morning, who tells us that we are allowed to be in there, they can have any1 in their room at anytime for as long as they want. so as were hearing this from our rep we decide to go back again that nite and the next few nites.
thursday morning 7am, after a hard nite at lashed, were all trying to get our heads down, ie no party, all dying!! we hear a knock at the door, decide not to answer it as it will b the security guard again.
an hour later another knock at the door, we decide we best answer it this time, only to find the receptionist stood with the GUARDIA! the pigs were there just to throw us out, and try and get our friends to pack their bags and throw them out of the hotel!!!!!
again the rep has to step in and bring the peace, which took a lot of coming, after we'd been accused of lying saying that the rep hadnt told us we were allowed to be in there when she said we had.
they tried to make us pay 400euros for them to be allowed to stay in the room.
we thought this was an absolute farce, and shouldnt happen on a holiday, they werent even warned, just immediately everytime the security guard or any1 came to us, it was eviction, which is out of order.
so any1 staying in encanto u're in 4 a tough ride!!! i really pity u!!!!!
We thought we paid for a one bedroom apt,when we got there we had a studio, trouble was we had someone coming to stay with us on the second week, so we upgraded (if you want to call it that) to a 1 bed, paid the extra for the whole two weeks out of our holiday money because they "dont accept credit card" and went and changed rooms, then later that day they came to see us to say no we cant have the room because it had been double booked (not our problem), ended up in a big row, cos our argument is we'd paid, and the $hitty receptionist was a complete miserable cow for the rest of the 2 weeks, it was just a horrible place. Bit pi$$ed off as well cos bf went ahead and booked it even after i said that there was no air con, so I hokd that aginst them too :evil:

Of to Bosser next year, San An never again! ;)
I noticed you mentioned Klippe? Was it the Klippe 1 & 2 apartments in the bay? If so I Stayed there 2 years ago and it was by far the worst place ive ever stayed in. We booked for the whole 24 hour party zone nonsense with twentys and what it turned out to be was a dirty, run down hotel full of lager louts with people being sick in the corridors, and the staff not cleaning it up. Everyone that stayed there at the same time as me all went home and complained, quite right too!

Sorry you had a horrible experience on what should have been the holiday of a lifetime! Hope you have some good memories from it. I go in 10 days and I pray nothing untoward happens to us!
I stayed at Monterrey and it is up the road from Klippe just a few MTS,I reallt think its the area , we got hassel from reception and security they got many people kicked out and other just left cos htey were so annoyed,i will never stay in the bay area again, A holiday is to be enjoyed , not for you to take dogs abuse for doin sweet FA. :twisted: :twisted:
DO NOT stay at Encanto . the staff at this place at the most ignorant people i have ever met . for some reason they took a dislike to myself and my mate and a few other groups of people on our block of apts.they decided that we werent allowed people back at our apt however it was ok for everyone else to do so .
the receptionist is a stuck up cow , and rang the police because we wouldnt answer our door to her . the police then decided to give us one minute to pack our things and leave the apts.luckily our rep was on our side and sorted everything out for us .
we still had an amazing time in ibiza , just wish we hadnt stayed at these apts . i read a bad review on ibiza spotlight just before we went -wish id taken notice of it now !
we will certainly not be returning to encanto apts next year!
I stayed at the Klipee hell hole, when we stayed, the bloke on reception would leave the keys to all the rooms on the desk, in an unlocked container, so anyone could take the keys!!
Encanto HELL apartments

Like my friends Emzy and nickgrimsby above were just saying, Encanto Apartments have to be the WORST apartments I have EVER been to. If it wasnt for all our friends and making the most of our holiday,it would have been ruined, but luckily we had a WICKED time! We shall be returning next year, but i think a hired villa is in order!!

Encanto Apartments has to be the most unwelcoming place ever. We arrived at about 3 in the morning, to be 'unwelcomed' by a husky voiced security guard called "Tony"(He will never give you a surname).

All that was said to us on arrival was "30 Euro deposit" and "ROOM,second floor"...no "hello, welcome to Encanto" nothing!. No help to get our cases up the flights of stairs, or even the little fact of imforming us they have "energy saving lights" that you have to turn on at one end of the corridor and leg it to your room and get the key in the door before your in total darkness again!!!

For some reason they took a dislike to myself,Emzy and all our friends. Each night (well morning) we'd return back after clubbing, and walk up the badly lit street to the apartments wondering what would be in store for us, having the police knock on the door, having written warnings for speaking to people over the Balcony, being accused of having full on stomping parties in our room(even though we were either out, or asleep).Or maybe getting shouted at for coughing whilst walking past the reception desk, or maybe getting shouted at for nothing at all(all of these actually happened,and MANY MANY more!!)

I have never met such ignorant and thick staff....i shall give you examples....
There is one receptionist(female) who works in the shop sometimes and can't even add....1.5 euro...wait for it!...plus 1.5 euro?!
And another receptionist(again female) who claims to be the manager, but is so evidently NOT. When my friend asked to see the manager of the hotel after the police came pounding on our apartment door telling me and all my friends to get out, and trying to charge 400 euro for the privilage, the receptionist replied with "The manager of the hotel, manages the hotel"...me and my friend looked at each other in disbelief thinking "no sh*t sherlock, the manager,MANAGES the hotel?!?" we found this really amusing.

Each day we were there something happened,it is an entertaining place if you can handle all the hassle,aggression,ignorance,impoliteness and being looked upon like a piece of mahony on the bottom of their shoe.
It wasn't only us that had trouble, all the young people there seemed to have had a problem(the lads next door to us got there apartment raided one night, police officers with guns and batons, and i thought we went on holiday to have fun?!).

It seems they don't like young people there, if this is the case why let us stay if there only gonna make our time there hell!!

Ok i must stop writing this essay now, i have so much i could tell you, i could probably publish a book!
Basically if your hard partying p*ssheads like myself and friends, DO NOT go to Encanto Apartments, infact even if you aren't hard partying p*ssheads DO NOT go to Encanto Apartments, it could most definately ruin your holiday!

You've been warned!! :rolleyes:
klippe = stayed there 2 years ago fookin pants full of lager louts.

This year stayed at the Bahia what a difference a bit of class makes