Embrace the Unknown



So here I am sitting at my computer looking at the screen,,,,reading some of the posts here and wondering what will I be thinking in a couple of months...How will I like this island...What will I experience,lose,feel,love,hurt,enjoy you name it I want to do it....Feel my body hurt the next day when I realize its been 2 days since I have felt a bed,,,,this is what I hope this island brings to me..I am travelling a dam long way to do it-all the way from Australia...Worried if I am going to be homeless and ringing home for one of my poor relloes to bail me out of trouble... :oops: So if you are one of those people that have been there and have had the orgasmic fun I want to have on this little island confirm my voice in myhead thats saying Shiree its going to be great and your going to be fine! Right?
shiree - it's going to be great. you'll be fine.

if you love music, dance , sun and most of all people! then youll have an amazing holiday!
Shiree. I'm worried about you. If you do find yourself homeless you can come round here and have a blow on my didgeridoo!

DJ Bruce
shiree - it's going to be great. you'll be fine.

if you love beautiful people, beautiful beaches, and killer parties!!
Hey I cant say that the Island will be the best time of your life cause I have never been. But I do plan on going and I am quite intimidated to say the least, all I can say is what have you got to lose! I think it will be awesome when I go and I can only say the same for you!! You will be fine, go and live life to the max, have a blast! KICK IT UP!!!

Oh and I forgot to add

shiree - it's going to be great. you'll be fine.