Elton John!!!


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Do I need to be instituionalised????

Has anyone heard Fat Boy's remix (stretching the term admittedly) of "Are You Ready For Love?" by Elton John.

It is pure cheese........but something very deep inside of me absolutely loves it. Alright, its not for a cold winter's morning in the UK but when the sun is shining and your on the terrace its great.

Please help me, have I lost it???? ;)

ps - Its Sara Cox's record of the week this week on her breakfast show.
Top quality tune pal if this gets dropped on the terrace at the closing party by fatboy slim it will go right off..wait and see
I "secretly" like this one too. Except I'm just as perplexed regarding the remixing that went into it... perhaps resurfacing?
I think the versions being played the most are either the original Thom Bell edit or the Ashley Beedle edit (which is basically the same, but the only vocals are the hook)... I believe Freeform 5 and Harvey are coming out w/ remixes as well, maybe they will actually remix the track...