Elton john - are you ready for love (remixes)


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I wasnt keen on this song at all but recently 2 new remixes have made there way into my hands.

Firstly the radio slave remix. At 12:54 this isnt one you'd drop twice in a night and does seem a bit too long. However its a fookin great remix and isnt half as cheesy as the original mix. It has a real laidback feel reminiscent of ebtg vs kot. It gives the song more of a classy bar/lounge feel. Pretty class i think :D

On the flip is the 'santiago re-edit'. Another long mix @ 11:09. This one is more like the original mix, hence the title 're-edit' i assume. Not bad though, the beat has been reworked. Some much needed bongos have been added which is always a plus for me :) One thing about this mix is that its not worth listening to after 5:44. Its as though its gunna build up again but you have 5 mins of not doing much and then it ends. Not my bag really.

If anyone really wants one of these then pm me, otherwise wait a lil while for em to crop up on slsk. :eek:
I dropped the original mix of this tune last week on a set i did on Local Radio and it got very well recieved from the listeners...I normally wouldn't do this but a friend made a bet with me..i might start dropping mad stuff in future..
the original is one of my favs - such a feel good tune - i love it!

nice one sean ;-)