Electro night at Pin-up



An Electro night in Ibiza could be really cool but i have a feeling it will die on it arse.

Maybe if they got some decent jocks for it eg Miss Kittin, Anothony Rother, Radioactive Man etc it could work.


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Electro is bloody aweful :rolleyes:

Some guy played an electro set on Space terrace last Sunday and absolutely killed it.

Fair enough if its your bag but going on the lack of atmos last week, the night isn't gonna be too busy :)


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There are some wicked electro nights in London at the moment, I was at the cock a few weeks ago and the music was fantastic, not so sure I'd want to hear it on the space terrace though


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i'll say it again. Felix Da Housecat (inside Space from 4am) was one of the best sets ive ever heard. The energy and vibe in there was as good as ive ever known it (certainly better than those sacha dirges.

The warm up dj for dave seaman at pin-up played quite a bit of electro, mainly tracks ive heard on those Futurism cds. Wicked man.


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Felix is fantastic. Looking forward to his new Bugged Out mix album which is out next week.