El Hotel (vs. Es Vive)


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On the first night we bumped into some guys I know from home in Pacha. I never found out why, but instead of the villa they had planned they told me they were in the El Hotel... the Penthouse! So after Pacha we eneded up going back there for a carry on :)

It's quite a nice place I have to say. Lots of marble and glass lifts, plus their room was one half of the entire top floor!!! Amazing view out over the harbour with the sun only just up and pretty handy for Pacha! All in all pretty comfortable and stylish.

...but the hotel didn't have a lot of atmosphere other than that and although they had their own sun terrace with loungers up on the roof, no pool etc. We basically came to the conclusion that despite the small and basic room, the vibe at the Es Vive made us not regret our choice at all.

Plus I bet it's awful if you do get in before pacha shuts as the noise level was pretty bad :( (I doubt it would ever cause me a problem though :) )

The El Hotel is probably the ultimate place if you want to make you your own entertainment i.e. invite back several of the opposite sex but all in all the Es Vive does take some beating for everything except the rooms. (even my mate who looked like he had just been told his dog had been run over when he saw our room says he would happy go back to the Es Vive after being there a week!)
Paul, did you go into other people's rooms, every room I went into was different. We were lucky in sense that we had a really big room but we'd paid extra for seaview and got a 3 inch view of the sea and no balcony :rolleyes: :confused:

I think it is luck of the draw what kind of room you get :confused: