El Divino



El Divino is the only big club on the white isle that I have yet to go to. I have heard that it is really nice and am keen to go this year, the problem is that there is much on the week i'm out (20th-27th June).

Paul Stevens, according to the party calender, he's on in El Divino nearly everyday that week, anyone know anything about him?

On the Wednesday - Follow Me opening party - Tom Novy, Phil Fuldner, Howard Donald - anyone know anything about this? this does clash with Subliminal but having second thaughts on that now after seeing Morillo last week.
Follow me has a really good European flavour apparently....it's heavily advertised at Sa Trinxa.

EVERYONE flocks to Subliminal etc so the crowd tends to be a bit like mainstream cattle.

I think it's a good choice.