El Coto and May in general...


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I am branching out from my usual trip to Ibiza (usually head over in July and September for summer fun and stay in the same little hotel).

Does anyone know of El Coto apartments near Cala Gracia? Just wondering if they are clean and friendly - all I am after for the cheap and cheerful rate! Also hoping it won't be too noisy as it is before main club season kicks off.

For those of you lucky enough to be out already - how is the weather? We are heading over on 20 May and I am hoping for some sunshine!

Any suggestions on things to do, new great places to eat/drink, etc much appreciated!
I am staying at the El Coto Apartments as Cala Gracio is lovely - I havent been there before, so I can't recommend but I am not noisy! I am staying with my friends in Jabeque from 19 - 23 May and then 23 - 28 May at El Coto on my own! (my friends will be sorry they are leaving early!) Hopefully weather will be sunny and hot, last year unfortunately was a bad year and there was a lot of rain
in May but that was rare and usually it is v hot and sunny and can be in the 80's

I love IBIZA the laid back vibe the countryside the northern beautiful beaches,
Bambudda Grove is a great nite out I can recommend it and Kumharas for chill out
Hey :

I am there 20 - 28 May... always go later in the summer to 'party' with friends but this time am heading out with my mum (she has never been so I convinced her to trust me and get involved!)earlier in season to chill, and then on 26th her partner is coming out and they are staying til the 31st...

We'll have to have some drinks - I am sure I will end up getting bored and wanting a big night out whilst I am there!

I'm Louise by the way - see you soon!
Hi there, I stayed at El Coto last year. Its cheap, cheerful and ver friendly indeed. The staff at El Coto are great, they ensure you stay is a good one. I am going back to El Coto again this year 28 June to July 5th. El Coto is in a great location at Cala Gracio, its only a 5 min stroll down to the beach. El Coto is also really quiet so you can be sure to get decent sleep. There is a resturant/bar attached to the apartments which is not that busy but often visited from those staying at the big hotel tanit across the road.

The bus stops at the end of the road or its nice to walk along the coast to town passing the sunset bars. Enjoy! If you need any further information PM me.