eivissa medieval 2009



eivissa medieval 2009:


The tenth Ibiza Medieval Fair will be held on the second weekend of May 2009 (8-10)
to commemorate the designation of Dalt Vila as a World Heritage Site.

Every year, the Fair attracts over 100,000 visitors for three days of amusement
and cultural events. The streets of Dalt Vila are crowded with minstrels, artists,
bird tamers, craftspeople, silversmiths, spice merchants, dancers and chocolate manufacturers who turn the acropolis into an outdoor theatre and
a fascinating mélange of colour, aromas and flavours from many continents.

The Fair highlights the extraordinary beauty of the Ibiza ramparts and
the entire fortified town, considered the most well-preserved acropolis
in the Mediterranean by the UNESCO.
Its impressive entrances and bastions welcome visitors and become a stage
for concerts, performances and an extensive programme of events
from morning to night over the entire weekend.

A walk through Dalt Vila during the Medieval Fair will take you back to the past
and remind you that Ibiza has known how to integrate the legacy of many different
cultures whilst keeping its ancient customs and traditions alive.
The Medieval Fair is an opportunity to discover the island's history and to enjoy festive,
cosmopolitan and multicultural scene for which Ibiza is known worldwide.
I arrive in Ibiza on May 10th at 19.30,will the fair carry on until the wee small hours,would just love to see a little bit of it.:?:
I arrive in Ibiza on May 10th at 19.30,
will the fair carry on until the wee small hours,
would just love to see a little bit of it.:?:
still enough time for you to go there.

don´t know the exact time they will close on this last day of the festival,
but probably at least til midnight and later ?!

and the nighthours are the best ... pure ibiza magic !
last year most of the "events" finished at 9pm but after if you head over to plaza del parque, or the port, there'll be plenty of life
Right I will try again :rolleyes:. We arrive in Es Cana on the 9th May and would love to see a bit of it. How easy would it be for us to get there without a car. (Sorry for the confusion:oops: the Greek thing should not book two holidays at the same time.:x)





ok so i went.

there were far more stalls than i expected, selling everything from hand crafted goods through to wooden/glass/metal ornaments, traditional woven clothes/shoes, intricate jewelry, there were many traditional medicines style stalls with herbs and lotions and ointments for whatever your condition.

there was lots of music, different bands, pipers, drummers, dancers and all garnered crowd interaction.

the food on offer was the best bit thought, i saw a full hog roasting, octopus bubbling in what looked like a witch's cauldron, loads of small stalls selling every type of food and drink imaginable, barbeques everywhere. on balaurd de santa llucia there was a moorish feel with tasty kebabs and different teas and pipes. near plaça constituçio there were cake stalls selling beautiful cakes (really creamy and rich and fruity, not dry at all) and numerous stalls with sweets, dry fruits, herbs (dry and fresh), as well as other condiments and teas.

the kid's section was fun too, lots of different games to play (all medieval style of course), a puppet show theatre, camel rides and nearby a great selection of birds of prey, including a huge moor eagle and some owls. one of the eagles was doing 20 metre glides through the crowd between its trainers, which caused more than one or two frights when people saw an eagle flying straight at them.

all in all, it gave me a strange sense that in 700 years, or whatever it is that we class as medieval, the things that we do to entertain ourselves aren't really that much different. take technology away and we still mainly use our leisure time to eat, we drink, we listen to music, we socialise with people, we buy clothes and things for our home.