As an Ibiza virgin i have no idea where and wot time to go if any 1 can be bothered could u pleeeeeez tell me sum gud night's to go to and the right times 2 be ther (i dont want to be ther early). I like trance,hard house and progresive house and mabye a bit of dance 2 if that helps !!!
Oooooop's i almost forgot im goin on the 27th of june for 2 weeks !!
if you like trance then cream@amnesia on thursday is for you, with tiesto every week and pvd every 2 weeks.
wot's beta on a thurs night Cream@amnesia or Ministry@pacha ???
it depends on what music you like and crowd you like.

if you like trance with a slighty younger more up for it crowd then cream


if you like good house music with a more cosmopolitan feel to it, then ministry is probably better.