'Eco Tax' in the Balearics?


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I have, and on each occasion I have been provided with a product. Vat is payable on goods and services. Neither is provided. It's a tax on a tax.
It doesn't matter if you get a physical product or not. VAT on fuel tax is still a tax on tax.

The name Eco tax is misleading, as it is not a real tax in the sense of tax like income tax or VAT.
They just lack a better name.
See it as a cover charge, like when you want to ride a rollercoaster. You pay admission plus tax and you get a few seconds of joy.
On Ibiza, you get a full 24hours of joy for as little as 2 Euros.
You can't beat that.


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Any news on how people who stay in villas are supposed to pay? Do we give cash when we get the keys ? Do we pay at the airport?


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Just a quick question, I had an email off Thomas Cook yesterday explaining as from July 1st 2016 there will be a new tax charge put in place for anyone stopping at accommodations in the balearic islands payable on arrival at the hotel/accommodation. I've booked up for majorca in July with the family and ibiza in September. They said it would work out to 2.20 per person per night?. I remember reading somewhere on here that the hotel/apartment etc would get around this by offering free drinks to guests to compensate as it's a bit of a pisstake and costly to some especially if you have a big family /group of you going. Anyone on here shed any more light on this?. Cheers.

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I have to pay tax for the enjoyment of being on the island....I won't complain as where else can you have fun 24/7? :lol:


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It all adds up - air duty; tourist tax and maybe one day the cost of ETIAD clearance will start to put the Balearics beyond the pockets of many and will drive tourism away. Is that what they want?

Personally I think the Balearics in general and Ibiza in particular has become too crowded and we need a cull of tourists - see under "parking" - will it become more up-market and cost more to compensate for the stay-aways and we lose the stag and hen holidays? Is that a bad thing? I note there appear to be a lot more "boutique" hotels up for grabs, and even cheap-and-cheerful hotels eg Maritimo have upgraded themselves and are now realtively expensive.

There is also a lot of new build (much over existing demolished property it has to be said) in es Pujols Formentera; and that won't be cheap either.