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here's what happens

yes the hooded penitents do resemble klansmen. or perhaps it should be the other way round as this has been the traditional dress of the cofradias or brotherhoods for many years before the kkk.

on major difference is that many of the cofradias have robes in really bright colours, blue and purple, red and green to distinguish the different brotherhoods.

it really is worth coming to ibiza in easter to see the processions, though these days the 'floats' for want of a better word, are on wheels and no longer carried by the penitents.

sunday in ibiza is the main procession with over 1000 people involved.
That type of hood exists centuries before the creation of the kkk in the US, and is used all over Spain on the Easter processions. The hoods are not only white, but purple, red,... depending on the "cofradía".

Like Stephen told, they are penitents. I'm not into that type of celebration though, cuz they're generally performed by ultra-catholic believers.
It does look like a fancy dress party where the theme is 'Sperm' :lol: :lol: