Easter Weekend



I'm from London & am begging to know how Ibiza is in Easter. It is the only time I can travel w/ my buddies and it gives us four days. Are the parties any good this time of year?...are they busy at all? And how is the weather? I would appreciate any help.
weather is lovely, the only clubs open are pacha, el divino and few others, the crowd will be mainly spanish...

Only been to Ibiza May,June, July, August, September, October - would love to visit in April(Easterish) but after checking accommodation it all seems so expensive after the return flights( and gettting to Luton / Stanstead) - I checked on Spotlight hotels and other accommodation and they want a lot for a few nights stay
Glad to see there are others going to Ibiza in Easter. What do you think it'll be like?