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Hiya, does anyone know where the best place to buy duty free cigarettes is, and how many i can take home?

any suggestions most valuable

tenerife, as ibiza does not have duty free, unless you are travelling to your home outside the ec.
however i believe that cigs are significantly cheaper here than uk (about€32 for 200) and you can take pretty well as many as you want for personal consumption.
give your doctor my regards.
ok thanks, but tenerife is quite a journey from ibiza!!!
my doctor will love me soon, i'll give up again once they have gone, but it would be rude not to buy cheap cigarettes
I don't indulge any more but I usually bring back a few for family and reckon L&B silver are about £16-£17 per 200 and about £22 per 200gm pack of golden virginia
duty free gigarettes

you can bring home 3200.go to any tobacconist shop.brown sign .yellow writing.if you buy a lot.they sometimes give you .bottles.promotion gifts.they are run by the goverment.fixed price at every shop.see you in sept.28 th 12th oct .03.woody
Yeh just watch out for the security at airports they are so strict, Ibiza duty free seemed of I think the airport is cheaper than in the towns, :)
duty free gigs

ibiza airport like any are 2 3 eruos more on fags.they are not strict on fags.its when you get back.man/ema/ are the worst airports.they check you bags with xrays.dogs.never put fags in 1st or last in your case.so long as you have your 3200.your ok.do not smoke till your out of the airport.big bro.is looking at you 24hrs.
jamesthemonkeh said:
i'll give up again once they have gone,

Ha Ha - heard that one before - brought back 1000 - came back with a chest infection and still managed to smoke them all in 3 weeks!!!

Just log on to www.10packs.com, and order it from there. It is basically the same price as any DF shop (yes, with shipping costs included). They ship the stuff from Switzerland.