Dutch footballer Wesley Sneijder will open a club in Ibiza


According to the newspaper As, dutch footballer Wesley Sneijder will open a club in Ibiza called Ultra Ultra. He's married to Yolanthe Cabau, daughter of the late businessman Xavier Cabau Ybañez.

Those with good memory (as it's been mentioned many times throughout the years in this forum) will remember that Cabau was the owner the hotels Don Quijote (Figueretas), Piscis Park and Central Park (both in San Antonio) and the clubs Idea (and the lands nearby, including the big parking opposite Bar M) and Extasis (both in San Antonio)... and yes, also the club formerly known as Angel's/Zulú/Angel's El Cel/Penelope/Bomba/Booom in Ibiza town, which I suppose is the one that will become Ultra Ultra!

:arrow: http://as.com/tikitakas/2017/05/02/portada/1493742711_725495.html


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so that rumor I heard months ago about booom eventually reopening was maybe still a real one!

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I thought there was only 1x restaurant/bar in Tarida bay part?
There's another small restaurant on the beach. Also just above the Cas Mila Restaurant is Cotton Club.
If there is a club opening in Cala Tarida, I hope it doesn't affect the Cas Mila restaurant as its where I go married and somewhere we go back to every year.


last year at the beginning of the season there was already a dodgy character asking for money but it was easy to ignore... by july or so there was two at least and more serious about it!

not sure how legal it was though...