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Ive asked this before but her goes anyway.......

Can anyone tell me if theres any good clubs in Amsterdam, preferably not too far from the red light district.

Hopefully a trance club, but anything thats got house on.

spent new years eve in amsterdam. fantastic atmosphere. and nothing like walking around the RLD after munching on mushrooms...

Hi Nish,

When you get the error page there should be an option to go to the home page of the website...once there click on Amsterdam in the right hand column and then Supper Club comes up as Club of the Moment....which is a bit weird 'cos its ages old.... :confused:
Nish did you get to the link? I'd be happy to take you there... :) Might be going there tomorrow night. :D :D :D
Love to take u up on that babe. Im still in Liverpool tho :( -Should be goin Amsterdamn in November tho if u wanna take me then?
Reservations supperclub

Reservations at the supperclub can be made by e-mail, at least 3 weeks in advance. (include also your name and telephone number) Notice: your reservation is only valid when we confirmed it.

is this true?
That supper club doesnt really look like the kind of place I frequent.

Anyone else know of any trance clubs near the red light area?
there used to be a club called the Kremlin... but not sure if its still open... they played a lot of trance there.

Ive been here a few times, music varies from night to night, but its been very good the nights I was there. Nice crowd there too, they kinda aim for a student crowd. If you are going though, there is a ticket office for most nights (cant remember where). If no tickets, get their early.
How far is it from the red light district.

I dont tend to move far when stoned
I dont remember how far, we walked ourselves from the red light district. Dont think its too far. Ask anyone in one of the pubs/cafes and they'll be able to give you directions. You could always get a taxi.
The red light district has a wonderfull ambiance, so don't get too stoned Neil.....it would be a pity to miss it and our pre rolled joints are very strong. 8) There are a number of clubs right there in the center of town, walking or cycling distance. But like most clubs they have seperate nights. I particularly love Amsterdam to walk around, shop(waterloo plein)...sit on our terraces(Prinsen gracht-jordaan), our little bars (like the absinthe bar on the nieuwezijds),and our restaurants( cool little one called EM on the zeedijk). Going to clubs i prefer doing on Ibiza..... :D and i will be going in little more than a week. :D