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I don't know if anyone is interested but here is DT's review of his Ibiza experience. :lol:

Well, Hello to all my friends here in..... Is this Danny-Land? LOL

I don't think I will ever get use to the fact that there is all this hoop-a-lala in the world that goes on about us DJ's who travel frequently and entertain so many people per year. By no means am I complaining.... I just look back 20-30 years and think "who would have ever thought?" That a night club DJ's career could have developed so widely outside of a local residency, and for me back in Brooklyn from 1980-1983 it was in a Roller Disco witnessing "first hand" the birth of Rap music & Hip Hop as we know it today.

Well, right now I'm as jet lagged as one can be. I've been up since 7am which is normally around the time that I'm just going to bed (or later). Anyhow, I wanted (as promised) to write to everyone a post about my travels and give you my usual bi-monthly-ish update.
Let's start with IBIZA --------------->

First, I thank God that I am now home safely and that the season is over and all went extremely well. I played my first ever set there at the infamous "Pacha" on Thursday the 4th of July, and "festive" it was to say the least. As many of you know, unfortunately I had to cancel my trip last year to do the closing party of "We love Sunday's at Space" due to the 9/11 tragedy. When I returned there this year on the day when we celebrate our independence, I just gave it all I had, and so did Pacha! Everyone was in high spirits awaiting my arrival in the hopes that we can all get back to the Celebration of Life, Love & Music. As cliche as it may sound coming from me, all I can think of typing write now is Celeda's first vocal anthem, "Music IS and was The Answer!"

So there I was, larger than life on Billboards as: Uncle Sam or: "Uncle Danny" (if you will) for a day. It was a very Red White & Blue event and their incredible Colorful Hostess APHRODITE even gave out sparklers to the audience. Everyone to my knowledge went home satisfied and we all celebrated with a toast on the effort that went into the event. Club Pacha is the first club on the Island to have now started "The Pacha Awards"... Last week I was awarded: "Best Set of the Season" (blush). Last year was the first year they held this ceremony at the club, and although I was not present, I was awarded: "The DJ's DJ"! To me, NO GRAMMY can compare to the joy this brought me deep inside. To be voted by my peers and fans, and not some committee who never even heard of me or the artist I've remixed, etc.. Sincerely, it meant more to me than the Depeche Mode Grammy nomination. I did receive the honor of 2 Dance-Star awards for "I feel loved." One in the UK and one in the US. As I sit here and type this I feel foolish like it's the me, me, ME letter, but this is The "Danny Tenaglia" fan based website, and I often get request to post here more often, so please know once again, this is ALL coming from my heart and not a place of boasting. SINCERELY.

In August, I played for the second time in seven years at the infamous AMNESIA on a Saturday night. The place is yet another incredible venue with great sound. Recently, their sound was re-modified by Angel Moraes to be as close to the sound at "Stereo" as possible. As good as it sounded, it wasn't the sound of Stereo, as the Venue in Montreal is acoustically "in harmony" with the system. Amnesia is spread out in sections. Anyhow, I get there the day before for sound check (thank God) and discovered that 10 out of 12 tweeters had all previously been completely blown out as well as 2 or 3 drivers. So, of course Amnesia came to the rescue at got them all replaced by the time Saturday rolled around, and the sound did kick ass. Unfortunately, the Stereo design is no longer there and I had nothing to do with their disagreements. All I knew was that 10 of 12 tweeters were blown and I did not want the blame, and also wanted them to work for when I played. All went well, and three days later as I was still in Ibiza, Amnesia called me and asked me if I would fill in for Digweed as I was told he was here in NYC and just flew home to London with a Flu. So, I got to play at Amnesia Saturday and Wednesday, and many people that got to hear me a second time in that room thought it was even better in some ways because it was midweek and not too packed, and I was now comfortable there. Honestly, I was already comfortable from day one as the booths design is that similar to the Paradise Garage/Richard Long/Steve Dash/Vinyl's console design, and in many ways I now felt much more at home. Amnesia has the BIGGEST BLAST of NITRO you ever seen in your life!! PSSSSSSSHHSSSSSSSSHHHHSS!! WOW!
PS: I hope John Diggers is feeling great and I think I'll drop him a post after this one to say hey and make sure all is smooth.

NEXT STOP..... P R I V I L E G E ! Saturday, September 7th.... Another WOW! This is highly advertised as the Worlds Largest night club, and it is! Billboards are everywhere! It's in the Guinness World Book of Records and this was the gig I feared the most after saying yes to playing the main room. Yes, even I get the butterflies after all these years. Privilege and their main Promoter "Juan" were more than hospitable. I requested some more sound to be brought in as the venue is the size of a stadium, and all the speakers were waaaay too far apart from each other. So more sound was brought in. I had the most fantastic time and it was a very successful 14 hour marathon. Very mature crowd, no fights or nonsense (well maybe at the end when a few people jumped in the gigantic swimming pool that the DJ booth is in the center of..... and they were escorted out) LOL The unannounced shows were Phenomenal. We have GREAT photos to share with you Thanks to "Javier," a personal friend of ours from Spain who often visits Vinyl/Arc. He was my guide and always had a camera ready & prepared to Flash! Even got great footage/mini 15 second clips of many scenarios including me addicted to the Bungee Ball! Oh gosh there is soooo much to say, I am getting sooo many flashbacks as I type this......

Before I go any further, I want to make one issue LOUD & CLEAR....... And this is mainly directed to "MiSery of Sound "Ibiza" Magazine," which I will handle with personally, but will also share with you here..... I dt, have NEVER EVER said that no other DJ's can play in any of the other rooms. I actually said I have 100% no problem with any DJ whether it be Paul Van Dyk to any local resident playing in any other room of any of the parties I played at. The owners & promoters made these decisions, not me. I am very secure mister MI$ERY Journalist.

I have only 4 important, yet minor request:
#1. Absolutely NO recording my sets Audio or Video. (Video's & Photo's are OK if I am prepared to smile for the camera) ........ (say cheese!).....
#2. The Sound had to be up to par with the size of each Venue on the floor, and in the booth. This was no problem anywhere. All clubs had great sound!
#3. I request "Privacy while I am working", and that any guest who wants to visit me in the DJ booth please be announced first, as you all know I am prone to jump around and carry on with big flashlights, etc. And I wouldn't wanna bang someone in the head... well, except for that journalist!
#4. Just water! I bring my own zone diet protein bars and some fruit, and ...... I AM READY!!

SO F#$K YOU Ministry Magazine for saying that I was getting too big for my own britches by having to play both rooms at Amnesia.... This is purely more journalistic and sensationalism bullshit!
All the clubs I played made the decision to have my music piped into each room, as many people simply would not all fit into the main rooms and All Venues were serving "Tenaglia"! I wasn't. I, was Serving The Music. I repeat, it was ALL of the clubs unanimous decisions to have my music in other rooms, as I was only playing One Gig Per Venue this season as opposed to the last two years when I was an exclusive resident at Space on a monthly basis. Can you believe these journalist? And of all people...... MiSery of $ound? Everyone seems to now hate that club and the mainstream commercial direction they've gone in. I enjoyed playing there years ago. The main room was actually awesome, but now they are one ma$$ive gigantic machine, record label, magazine, clothing store, etc., etc.... ANYHOW, M.O.S. MAG. Can Kiss My Truck Driving, Narcotics agent, Soprano look-a-like ARSE!! So, whoever you are that wrote that uninformed info of NOT instead of HOT......

OK, back to the Much Nicer side of me... Sorry, I had to get that out of my system. I know that if I had not written the above paragraph, most of you would never have even known such a mention in that magazine even existed, but I'm telling ALL about my 3 trips to Ibiza. That's the subject here. And so as I turned up in the "NOT" as opposed to "HOT" section, I thought I'd share that with you as well too. I can easily accept criticism as people are entitled to their opinions, but when the facts are not correct, BE certain I will correct them....... and move on...... and move on....... ;0

Let's ge back to the beats --------->

My BIGGEST disappointment is NOT hearing the Def Mix DJ's at PACHA I know that Frankie, Satoshi, Dave Piccioni etc... would have made me enjoy a night of great music, but I fell asleep as Jet Lag / traveling nonsense was kicking in and I was a lil' beat from my gigs as well. I also missed Eric Morillo @ Pacha (again) and I heard he played one of his best sets ever! Roger Sanchez also has a night there on Mondays called "Release Yourself," (I haven't read him about that yet......) I actually like Roger very much and think he is extremely talented and wish I got to hear him at Pacha as well. I guess next season I'll plan my season a bit wiser.

The local residents are wonderful people and often surprise me incredibly with some tunes I just have to know what they are! I too train-spot!
DJ Gee @ Bora Bora Beach club is my personal fave at the moment. I thought Smokin Jo Rocked the Coco Loco lounge. Alfredo played the best I ever heard him at Carry on @ Space. I even finally got to hear about an hour of Def Mix Producer/DJ Bobby D, but it was still too early. He should have came on later when my friends arrived. My Pals DJ's Timmy Sheridan and Colin rocked the Space terrace as well with all sorts of goodies. I threw on about 5 or six songs with them and we all had a blast. Well, I'm sure there are more and if I forgot anything extremely worth mentioning, I will repost or edit it in......

CLUB DC-10's party "Circo-Loco's" DJ's are ALL Great too. DJ's Jo Mills, Tanya, Cerilo, and SURPRISE AWESOME GUEST DJ ALDRIN FROM ZOUK "ALL" tore the place up!!!!
Although I personally felt (and many agreed) there was no specific "ANTHEMS" this year like KOT's Finally, or Modjo, or Hatiras, Azzido, Music sounds better with you ........ Another Chance........ NOTHING at all came close (IMO). I kept hearing this Shiny Disco Balls track and I didn't like it at all..... As well as a few others. When you hop from party to party and hear the same songs again it becomes monotonous.
But that's the way it goes when your club hopping!

Oh, and I was also disappointed I fell asleep and missed Sven Vath (such a great guy who is Twisted and Silly like me ) at his closing Monday night residency with other pals Richie Hawtin (who won Pacha's Best Techno DJ (deservedly) and John Aquaviva....... Gosh there is just SOOOOOO much going on at once on that island. Sven invited me to an after Cocoon beach party, but I missed that as well as it went from Tuesday morning until Tuesday evening....... I was following the crowd from Manumission after I woke up at 5am, to their Carry On @ Space party then on to Bora Bora. It's a Tradition. Once again, we got great Photos' and clips. WAIT 'TIL YOU SEE SPIDER MAN! "Don't ask!" ...... Words can't describe this guy who dressed like spider man every day and had the biggest wadd of I dunno in his pants, and danced all day and night every day on a beach table at Bora Bora. Massive photos of him DJ Gee told me Spider Man was a Professor of I believe World History in Lisbon! S C A R Y !!!!! :0
I know as I sit here and type and ramble and babble there is sooooooo much more I want to say and am gonna kick myself for forgetting........

Overall, I had a GREAT season in Ibiza. Space and club Eden have now both asked me to go back next week and play at their final closing of the season parties, but I am home and need to complete Yoko Ono and liner notes for my Azuli CD Compilation. Thank GOD Dave Piccioni & his staff @ the label are very happy with it!

Also, before I get going....... I want to thank DJ's Mike Cruz, Merrit, Ken Terry for filling in on week # 1 that I was away with the infamous Asseteria party......
And also to Chris Trope, Manny Ward & Antranig the second week. I heard they were all wonderful (as I expected). I hope you all enjoyed them and once again, I appreciate you all understanding my need to want to take off a week and just "Be Myself" and have a little vacation.

I will end this post with an answer to many of you who I know are asking the BIG question??? Did dt try "E" again and wear silly hats and dance on a podium again this year? The answer is: hmmmm, yes! HOWEVER, I mostly danced and partied everyday without that nonsense and STILL DO NOT Understand how many DJ's and punters feel the need to be "high" every time they go out! I can NEVER imagine doing that stuff all the time. N E V E R !

I will honestly say that in the year 1999, celebrating 25 years as a professional working DJ, and losing it for the first time ever at 39 was an incredible eXperience for me. Now at 41, I know that you can NEVER get that feeling again and you can only "get it" once. So, that was IT for me. I tried to chase the feeling again, but it simply wasn't there. DRUGS ARE NOT FOR ME. I pray all the people reading this that do party are maturing and coming to their senses that the MUSIC is the drug! If you need energy, then do what I do, rest well before you leave your house and drink plenty of water, and caffeinated drinks like Pepsi or Red Bull drinks, etc.. It hurts me so deeply to know how many people out there all over the world are now using much more than "E." I was offered so many drugs it made me extremely sad to know that now even the EVIL of Ketamine, Crystal Meth & GHB has also now found it's way to Ibiza and other parts of the world. I vow to never ever EVER dare try any of that stuff, nor do I want to be associated with anyone who uses it. I beg you all to please listen to your inner voice that is your guide telling you to "PLEASE SAY NO!" Do not listen to the "Opponent"! Always follow your heart..... Always.

OK, If there was one ANTHEM, I guess my award goes to: THE UNDERWORLD! "You bring light in.... You bring light in"!! I LOVE IT!!! And also "Do Your Thang" by: the Basement Jaxx. This is my favorite track off the LP Rooty, and I told them this from day one. Hope it becomes a smash for them. Heard it 2-3 times, but not enough.


OK......... Off to da Loft .......... The Mother-Ship DJ booth has landed! Talk about WOW and EEK! This will be my next loooooooong post. Right now I am still speechless at the Design of the DJ booth that Craft Master Anthony Lodi designed for my "Happy Space" & Dance Room. My eyes practically popped out of my head!

Peace, Love & Joy to all my pals here and abroad,

Loved DT's review.......thanks alot for posting it !

......did you get it from DTourism.com ?
Where can I see these pictures of DT's set. Great review and recap and I applaude your non/drugs stand.
Go to dtourism.com, I don't know if they are up but you can check it out. Also, try his site but I think its still under construction.