Drum and bass



Does anyone know of any drum and bass club nights in Ibiza? I read Soulcity have d&b playing but on which nights?
What exactly is Drum and Bass? It's all Greek to me.

What is drum and bass? I guess u've never been properley ravin'! Dj Craze, Adam F, Hype, Zinc, Andy C if ur in to your techno, u must love ur hard house and any hard house lover will surely get down to a bit of d&b.
Its just that all Techno sounds the same to me and it is real hard for me to see the differences. ONE MORE THING: are the people from the Gurnesy Isles the rednecks of England?
Looking for a drum and bass night myself.. heading out on friday till the 8th aug for the first time. Just bought Andy C nightlife and am bustin to get it out of me to the tune of some bangin d&b :D
De Ja Vu on Sunday nights at el paradis and also on Sat 26th July and Sat 23rd of August there is a night on called Devotion at club summum. looks good to me!!! :p