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Dark web markets seem to be in a bit of a flux at the moment. Not sure where to trust. Got done on a 2cb order. 🙁

I see Q Dance have just knocked out some 2c-b presses now. About time, surprised they didn’t do it earlier.

Im sure we can expect some high strength pills from these guys. 2c-b is nearly always underdosed.

Expecting some soon. Little Mario mushrooms with the NL stamp on and also a break line on the reverse.
Dark web markets seem to be in a bit of a flux at the moment. Not sure where to trust. Got done on a 2cb order. 🙁
sucky shit... I loved 2CB. What a funky way to trip! So cool.

I just caught myself wondering if people still fool about with special K (ketamine). I'm sure they do. When I began my journey into what I'd dance culture for lack of proper terminology, I remember the energy folks had on K. It was hip.

But this one time, some guy my ex-gf knew/was friends with had a liter or something - some ridiculous amount of the stuff in liquid form. I don't know how many vials that is, but we poured a capful into a pie dish, cooked it with a hair dryer until it was crusty, and scraped it into rails. =-)

We got high, but what happened after was I got sick! Not throwing up sick, but my throat was sore! Maybe that stuff wasn't special k after all... I don't remember if my nose got stuffy, but I remember that I had a cold from it! Very weird. There must have been a bug going around... because K doesn't do that, does it?


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this thread is getting a bit out of hand folks. crystal meth is highly addictive, far more so than traditional party drugs such as ecstacy. you can't be talking about this sort of thing on our forum. that's too much.

we have two active drug threads on this forum:

  1. this thread here, which is not limited to ibiza and in which you can freely talk about which pills you have taken and their effects.
  2. the annual drug safety thread for ibiza, which is basically the same, but also contains warnings about strong pills or adulterated pills. we will be launching this thread for 2020 v soon.
the rules are simple. and if this was not clear to everyone yet, then apologies:

  1. no info about where to buy drugs, this includes references to websites.
  2. no mention of highly addictive drugs such as crystal meth and heroin.

if you are not sure what to post, think about an 18 year old coming to ibiza for the first time and researching information online. would you feel comfortable with him/her reading what you have just posted?

i am deleting some posts above. i think this thread is a fantastic resource, please keep it as such.



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In the interest of sustainability and reducing one-time-use plastic, will dealers this year start delivering supplies in teeny paper bags or reusable metal tins?
Nothing worse than digging around in a cardboard wrap for the last shards in a half lit toilet at 5am with your eyes going all over the shop😵 almost as ineffective at their job as paper straws...