Driving to Ibiza?



Hey everyone,

First of im a new member here. My name is Chris and im from Liverpool. I'm not new to ibiza, ive been going for almost 9 years now. However I have been going for holidays. Next year I'm planning on going for a holiday/work experience for the whole season. I have a job lined up in the west end and may have an appartment allready.

But my question is, im planning on driving over, getting the ferry to spain then driving through to the ferry to ibiza. Has anyone done this trip, how long did it take and cost? And my other question is, how safe do you think (apart from there roads and driving :)) will a british car be over there, one that you could say stands out?

Thanks for any reply's, roll on 2004! ;)
Some of my mates drove down and got the ferry over a few years ago and they were fine. And nothing stands out like a Guernsey number plate, we dont have any letters just numbers (between 1 and 6 digits)
my flatmates who i stayed in ibiza last year made the trip from hull in a battered up transit van,took them 3 days,just be careful driving thru france!u working out there next year,nice 1 see you over there.
Yer man, my mate runs a bar in the westend, im planning on going out there early with him, but not really work till things start picking up, so i can enjoy a holiday before i get stuck in. Im not planning on driving through France, i wonna get the ferry stright to Billbou (spelling?) in spain, then drive throgh spain.

Cant wait to go,
[quote, i wonna get the ferry stright to Billbou (spelling?) in spain, then drive throgh spain.

Cant wait to go,[/quote]

I did the drive accross Spain once - great experience - but I did the Plymouth/Santander rather than Portsmouth/Bilbao.
Drove from Santander to Bilbao, then through to Zaragoza, stayed overnight at the hotel Casanova(triple glazed to hide the noise of the trucks thundering through), on to Lleida and then Barcelona.
I then headed north to the Costa Brava but just as easy to pick up the coast road south to the Ibiza ferry ports
Thanks for that, i should have really looked the spelling up, im lazy! :)

Its a big bar in the west end, almost half way up on the right hand side if your looking up the strip. Thats all i can say for now! :)