Driving to Ibiza versus buying a car out there.


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I've been looking into if it's cheaper/less hassle to buy a 2nd hand car out in Ibiza instead of driving miles.

Are there cheap cars to be had? or would it be better to buy in Palma/Barcelona and get a ferry?

What are your thoughts?
there are always hundreds of ex hire cars for sale in ibiza at the end of every season. our very own james bought his this way and is very pleased. there are also second hand car dealers on ibiza if you're looking for something a bit older and cheaper. having said that i bought my first second hand car from a man in barcelona - the market is larger so the cars tend to be a bit cheaper!

i don't think it makes much difference where and how you buy - just like in the uk!
Thanks Stephen, Where are the cheaper dealers in Ibiza?i couldn't find any when i was there last year.

Are there any magazines/websites i should look for?