driving to Ibiza and back


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is something we always wanted to do BUT
first we have a 400 mile drive to Dover return
then £250 crossing the Channel return
about 2500 mile drive to Valencia and back
then about £250 crossing to Ibiza return
say 30 to the gallon is about 100 gallons at £4 a gallon
plus 2 overnight stays each way at £100 pn
so total in the region of £1300 and I haven't found anywhere to stay yet in Ibiza
oh sod it, get on a 'plane and carry on with a package
oddly enough tony, my lovely wife and myself once toyed with the idea of driving to manchester and back. however, faced with the prospect of a 4 km drive to san antonio ferry port we decided to call the trip off for the foreseeable future.
When I was in Playa Den Bossa up the road from the Kiss disco place there was a old brown Vauxhall Nova from the UK which looked like it had been dumped. If any of you lot who are Ibiza can you have a look to see if it's still there beacuse it looked like it had been there quite a long time.