Drinking on the sunset strip


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A mate has told me that they're clamping down on drinking on the rocks by Mambo? We like to go down with a few drinks from a shop and our i-pod and watch the sunset, we normally go to the rocks between Mambo and Coastline as its a lot cheaper than buying a round at one of the bars. Can anyone shed any light?

bringing drinks 2 sunset strip: OK, bringing music: :eek:

So, when i sat there i always had drinks with me. never had trouble.
It doesn't sound realistic! If people weren't allowed to drink on the rocks outside Mambo for instance, then it would massively cut into Mambo's drinks trade as they don't have a big area for seating.

The bars don't own the land on the rocks (I think) so they can't turn around and say only drinks from the bars. It wouldn't make any sense.
One night we were there (at the beginning of this month) a guy telling people to get off Mambo's wooden steps if they were drinking something not from Mambo. He wasn't looking very hard though and stopped bothering after a while. The rocks were still full of people with their own carry-outs.
They just don't like you perching on the wooden benches with your own drinks.

You can sit on the rocks no bother.
last 2 years they didnt let anyone with there own carry out on to the rocks right in front of mambo.along from it was ok tho.

Well I went to Ibiza twice last year and either perched on the benches or sat on the rocks and didn't have any problems really.
maybe you were lucky then,there was actuall guys standing at each end of the rocks just in front of mambo and said mambo owned the beach area in front of mambo so had the right to move people from there if they hadnt purchased drinks in there.
they are speaking ****.

the beach is the beach it fine to drink on the rocks, its only if you sit on the wooden steps then they have a right to start complaining.

quite funny the other year a mambo guy was trying to make these young lads buy drinks as they were on the rocks, our friend who is from spain and a part time ibiza resident stuck up for the lads, and put the mambo guy in his place. however... im quite sure that the mambo guy had been put up to it by management, rather than doing it off his own back.
there are signs saying all drinks consumed in the area in front of mambo must be bought from the bar.

As long as your discreet they won't bother. If you sit along a bit on the rocks near Rey De Copas they can't really say anything.

They are only really bothered about the new wooden benches..