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Can anyone tell me the policy on drink in ibiza, i arive at 4 in the morning and was wondering if the 24hr supermarket will sell alcohol at this time.
Even if nothing is open there are vending machines at which sweets, drinks and novelty items can be purchased.

Hope this helps.
as rob says there is a 24 hour supermarket in west end but if u look hard u will find an open bar...we will be
thefoxster84 said:
Can anyone tell me the policy on drink in ibiza,

yes - as much as you can until you fall over - sorry, with only 3 days to go I am starting to feel frivolous
:D The 24hr shop is the business. A place in a million! You cannot beat jumping out your Taxi after returning from Pacha and sitting having a few beers and the other with similar people.....

vending machines with alcohol????? Man I live in the wrong country!!! :lol:
Yes you can almost always find alcohol some way or another in Ibiza.
Hi ya 8)

Ive just arrived back from Ibiza today ;) loads of the supermarkets/booze shops r open at night so u will be ok 8)