Drink and Drug Laws Question???



I was wondering if marijuana is legal in Ibiza, Is their a age you must be to drink too?
all of this information can be found in our website http://www.ibiza-spotlight.com/night_i.htm and has already been answered here in the forums.

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It is illegal to smoke marijuana in public places.

the legal age for drinking alcohol is 16.

both laws are very fuzzy though.
are you sure its 16 i thought i read on your site its 18 and 18 to get in clubs? do they ID at the clubs cos last time i went i was 15 and 16 over there but i had no problems with buying booze at the bars i never went to any clubs tho im worried cos im going this august and ill be 17 and just turning 18 over there im also going with 3 other 18yr olds

you will have no problems, they DO NOT id you, as long as your willing to pay the money to get into the clubs you'll be ok!!!