dressing for my first time

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Just looking for any suggestions as what to wear to a water party/foam party??? if we´re taking it off Im not expecting to get it back, is this a correct assumption? Any other good tips for closing parties would be great as well... thanks all
A bikini top and beach skirt wud be suitable cos they wouldnt stick like other material items, I usually wear a sarong thing wrapped and tied at the back around my dids over my bikini top, so I can take it off but still have my dids covered, :eek: hotpants would also be alright. Im off fri for a week cant wait,,,, ;)
easy now dred
water causes me nuff distress...ruind my hat last year
dont be wearing a hat dats all i say
im a guy so i dont know about rocking a sarong, thanks tho... :)
You should dress bermuda, shirt and speedo.

Or underwear.


A bikini would be funny, thou