dresscode for clubs

danielburnett73 said:
can you get into the big clubs wearing 3/4 lengths?
thanks for your help

as long as their not black; those are no good on ibiza...

cidding; black ones are always ok of cource!

very fond of 3/4s, no full lengths for me this year;
to hot & less "summerish". wish it was warmer
where i live, would like to use 3/4s more here
as well...

### barx
I'm sure I saw a post some time ago from a guy who had been refused access for wearing the type of shorts that ended just above the knee but I'm a little sceptical as I've not had a problem. . . .maybe the doormen had some other issue and used it as an excuse.

I'm heading for Amnesia and Space shortly in them anyway and I'm not going to chuffed if they have suddenly introduced a two - fifths length shorts ban !!
My other half always wears 3/4 length kecks, it's too hot for jeans or
full length kecks and you want to get that summer look going on! ;)
comin' at ya said:
As I've said - try and keep away from 100% polyester. A 60% Polyester , 40% Nylon mix is optimal I find.

How can I mix mines at 60% polyester and 40% nylon?

Just Kidding. LOL