Dress codes?


midget gem


goin to the white isle in 2weeks for a 10day clubbing bonanza and just wanted to ask for some help as im an ibiza virgin.

Do any of the clubs have a dress code or does anything go?

Are any of the clubs over 21's as most of them over here are?

any help would be great!

cheers :D
There are no dress codes, anything goes really.

No age restrictions either, well obviously you couldn't get in if you are 12 but if you look 18 you'll be fine, never ever seen anyone get asked for ID in Ibiza.
hey midget gem (mad name ;) )

as Barbie has so rightfully said aboslutely NO dress code, in fact the weirder/madder/less the better, but you can wear whatever you want.

me too never seen anyone asked for ID, so no worries there!

have a gr8 time

I read in Mixmag :oops: a couple of months ago that Space will not admit men in sarrongs!!!!!!!

The dress code IMO is DRESS SEXY!! and BE DIFFERENT :lol:

Save your most glam outfits for Pacha!

Yeah that's right, no sarongs in Space and a couple of years ago didn't some nights at Eden have a no football shirts policy to try and get rid of the beer boy element. I don't know if that is still true, but then again you shouldn't be let out in public in a football shirt :p ;)
Is it not also the case that some clubs (pacha, for example) won't let in boys in shorts, though 3/4 lenghth trews are all right...
last year es paradis wouldnt let no one in in football shirts and for the water party u could not wear swim shorts.we wore them underneath 3/4 lenths n got away with it
I have found the following; Pacha - no shorts (in high season), Space - anything goes (I wasn't aware of the no sarongs thing, have to leave it at home this time), El Divino - have a reputation for having a dress code but again we have had no problems.

Dress how you want to dress, the most important thing is to be as comfortable as possible, especially where your feet are concerned!
what footwear do girls tend to wear?

i think i would be most comfy in my mules or trainers but i think i might get to hot! are flip flops acceptable in the top clubs?
flip flops are not a crime!! yes they are allowed... just think cool summer type clothes...as long as you don't wear something ridiculous such as a football shirt(!!!!!!!) or a pair of 1980's adididas running shorts with the lining perished (ala Alan Partridge) you are in.

clubs in Ibiza do not employ the same anal attitude towards your attire that you might find in the uk. Dress sexy!! If you think football shirts look sexy, cancel your holiday and re-book to Falaraki :)

watch out for the style police, they have strict instructions to arrest anyone caught wearing Ben Sherman shirts, Kickers, etc etc.