Dress Code in Ibiza Clubs

For gals...anything goes...for guys...think no beach wear..and try to avoid football shirts....i remember seeing someguy in short short jogging shorts and a single in Space..(gosh where the hell is he from)...so sometimes I'm really puzzled by the dresscodes and stuff...but I guess if you look good....they'll prob let you thru :rolleyes:
As long as you don't look as if you have walked off the beach or a football terrace you should be ok. Space has the lightest codes especially during the day as people do travel to space straight from bora bora.

There are NO dress codes anywhere in ibiza. Unbeleavable i sore two guys in Pacha each wearing French football tops!!!!!! This i could not beleave

I'd say the dress code is pretty lax. Pacha is more dressy, I saw people in jeans, tennis shoes, tanks. Space I really don't think there is one.
On Sunday I saw bikini tops, sandals, one guy in swim trunks and sandals with no t shirt. After I saw that, I don't know why I was so concerned.
Shorts are fine, etc.
There is a dress code in ibiza

To give people the idea they can wear shorts and football tops in clubs is out of order because we all no you are not certain to get in with these

As it states on all club tickes NO beachwear or football tops

I have seen at least 15 times in my stays in Ibiza people get rejected from clubs for having shorts on or having some sort of football top on

However anything else goes usually, the bigger and brighter the better
Dress Code

The dress code in Ibiza is if you not pissed and as long as you can pass your euros to the door staff and bar stafff your in.
Trendy and Classy....

D & G a Must
Seven Jeans, Marc Jacobs a MUST
Diesel and Emporio a MUST
That's my personal Opinion!
D & G a Must

AGREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

I luv Dolce & Gabbanna, although i dont quite agree with the Diesel gear. I HATE DIESEL!!!!!!!!! Tooooooooooo overplayed, if u bought one pair of pants i guarantee u'll see 7 guys in the clubs with the same pair...NOT COOL!!!!!!


You're right about diesel gear.... that's why to get and wear them when they first COME OUT... 'cause 6 months later the whole population will start to wear it...

just like mens necklaces... first 4 weeks (when they first come out) look Kool, after the 5th week then it's korky.... LOL.

pacha should have tight restrictions for dress code, at least one club i think.... canalli and dunhill will do!
I think that if I start my own night, the following would ensure NO ENTRY!!!

1) Smart shoes
2) Smart, buttoned shirts
3) Anything that say's 'what it is' is more important than 'how it wears'
4) A frown

We're not at work now, so why don't we leave the capitalist, label slavery at home with the TV???

Dress-codes in Ibiza? What will they think of next? Credit checks?


I wanted to your NIGHT club then.... but again... Just ONE CLUB like that will be nice.....

One out of 6 MAJOR CLUBS w/that policy... Not a bad idea.. (just one)

LAX/JFK/PARIS trendy style won't hurt - shoes have to be Salvatore F.
Bloody poser ;) !!!

Personally, I think you'll agree, it's what's inside that counts. And dancing should be the only expression one requires!
Yep.. i agree...

inside, outside... everything counts....

Personally.... a NYCE smile works for me!

Energy.....?.. We all produce our own energy....

but everything is relative ....

Anyhow.... will write more in 2 hours... will post my ibiza pics.. and best wishes to everyone..!

God Bless America...

Chao Lokos!