Dorado Live Shows /// thursdays @ Santos complex 2016

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Due to the 11th anniversary of Rock Nights, the concert of Monarchy was totally free... with a little striptease as a bonus!


For their first ever full acoustic show the London-based electronic duo Monarchy, consisting of producer and DJ Andrew Armstrong and singer Ra Black, performed a selection of songs from their two albums Around The Sun (2011) and Abnocto (2015). The result was surprisingly good and the different arrangements on songs like "Living Without You" or "Maybe I'm Crazy" sounded great. To finish they played "Gold In The Eternal Flame" (the Bangles classic mashed up with their track "Gold In The Fire") taken from their covers EP Re|Vision (2015), which also includes a curious cover of "Closer" by my beloved Nine Inch Nails but sadly we didn't get to hear that one!



As mentioned above, Rock Nights celebrates this week its 11th anniversary. It all started on wednesday with a private cocktail at Dorado's rooftop terrace (Heaven's Door), the Kaiser Chiefs concert at Ibiza Rocks and the main event Rock Nights at Pikes. It continued on thursday with the Monarchy concert at Dorado Live Shows. And it continues right now with El Fabuloso pool party at Pikes... sooo enough of writting, I'm outta here!

1 You Don't Want To Dance With Me
2 It's All I Know
3 The Beautiful Ones
4 The Phoenix Alive
5 Almost Human
6 Living Without You
7 I Won't Let Go
8 Maybe I'm Crazy
9 Love Get Out Of My Way
10 Gold In The Eternal Flame


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The London four-piece will be playing an acoustic and intimate poolside set

Formerly based Eel Pie Island band Mystery Jets will land at Santos Ibiza on Thursday August 18th to play an acoustic concert within the series Dorado Live Shows.

Dorado Live Shows have become an island must-go this summer. Open air at sunset, in front of the sea and with the best views to Formentera and Dalt Vila, creating an intimate and amazing atmosphere, the shows are a truly delight for the artists and for the audience as well.

The next band who will enjoy this fabulous scene will be the London gang Mystery Jets. Their sound is sublimely indie rock with a strong electronic base. Along their 10-year career and having released 5 studio albums, they have been adding different influences to their music as electronic psychedelia, progressive rock and even Americana, creating their own and honest sound.

Just a few days ago, they announced the launch of a new EP in September “The Whole Earth”. It will be a follow up to their last EP “Curve of the Earth” launched early this year.




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Although they did DJ sets for Rock Nights at Space and Privilege afterwards, Mystery Jets haven't played live on the island since they did Ibiza Rocks at San Rafael's hippodrome in 2008... here's a picture from the McArchives:


Looking forward to see them later!


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On my arrival, and while I was waiting for the band to start, I was flicking through the CD's of the DJ Wild Wolf and (apart from lots of good ol' funk/soul/rock jewels) I saw my all-time fave album and voilà, there you have Temple Of The Dog blasting through the speakers of the hotel... now that's a good start of the evening!!!


The Londoners Mystery Jets were back at last, this time for an acoustic show as a duo featuring Blaine Harrison and William Rees (both spotted at Ibiza Rocks Hotel and Pikes the night before). With many releases already, the most recent being Curve Of The Earth (2016), there was plenty of material to choose from and what we got was a mix of all of them. The always emotive "Flakes" sounded heavenly in that format, as did newer material like "Telomere", "Bubblegum" and "The End-Up".



Not sure if it was because of the beautiful full moon or what but nobody seemed to want to leave after the gig, prefering to continue chatting and drinking while listening to Colin Peters cool beats... total bliss!

1 Telomere
2 Bubblegum
3 Young Love
4 Someone Purer
5 Flakes
6 Two Doors Down
7 The End Up


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The Durham siblings will bring their rockabilly style to Ibiza for the first time joined by Uncle Sal

The three North London siblings shook up the musical scene in 2008 bursting the stages along half Europe with their vintage sound and style. Still being teenagers and together with their parents -their mother played the drums at the british 70's punk band The Raincoats- were acclaimed by the critics and the audience for their rockabilly revival. That first album includes genuine anthems like “Going up the country” or “Honolulu Rock-a Roll-a.”

The Durhams have been improving their sound without leaving the analogical touch, with 3 studio albums, they mix classic rock'n'roll with country, blues, soul and even ska. Their live performance is a mind-blowing display of instruments as they change their positions on stage at almost every song. Besides guitar and percussion, they play the banjo, mouth-organ, ukelele, etc. along with their retro-taste voices. We can't think of a better place to see them live than the poolside stage of Santos Ibiza.

Joining them we will welcome Uncle Sal,a band from Ibiza, who's music is a trip along the Mississippi River, through fields sown with rock, boogie, blues and other American sounds. Formed in 2010 and having release their first album "Little Cabin Music", their sound takes influences ranging from classic blues to raw rock'n'roll à la Neil Young & Crazy Horse.

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis and Uncle Sal gig will be the next to last concert of this first Dorado Live Shows season, which will end on September 15th with the special acoustic concert of We Are Scientists.




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Double whammy this week with two bands instead of one...


Uncle Sal is a a blues rock band from Ibiza, influenced by American roots music and with a special fixation on Neil Young, who they often cover at their concerts. No matter how many times you've seen them live, their setlists change constantly and they never do the same gig twice, adding covers of obscure artists, so seeing them live there's lots of chances you'll end up discovering some forgotten gems along the way. No wonder the band has built up a faithful following of fans that never miss any of their concerts. Since they released their first album, Little Cabin Music (2015), there's not so much space for covering other people's music but they still play some old crackers and, in recent gigs, also newer material that will be part of their second album. Last night they had time to play six songs from their CD, including "Down The Line", "My American Song" and "Mississippi State Line" (sadly not my fave "The River Song" but hey, next time!), and two new ones called "Red's Lounge Boogie" and "Blues Station Blues" (this one dedicated to the much-loved bar/shop/art gallery/live music venue Can Jordi). Uncle Sal: an Ibiza band to be proud of!



When Santos released the line-ups of Dorado Live Shows this was by far the band I wanted to see the most... Kitty, Daisy & Lewis are definitely a top-notch band that you wouldn't expect to see here. The three London siblings Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Durham brought their rockabilly style to the island for the first time although they already came on holidays when they were little kids. Their eclectic mix of music styles and their vintage sound makes them special and the fact they can play many instruments (and love to exchange them between them!), unique. We had the chance to hear some of the best songs from their repertoire, like "Baby Bye Bye", "No Action" or the Canned Heat cover "Going Up The Country", and even a few brand spanking new ones from their upcoming fourth album. The show I enjoyed the most of this series of acoustic performances... only one more date (We Are Scientists on september 15th) and it's over!



In related news, the brilliant L.A. (who debuted in Ibiza three months ago at Dorado Live Shows) were announced yesterday as the opening band for Wolf Alice at Ibiza Rocks on september 14th... in my not-so-humble opinion, the best double bill of the season!


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We Are Scientists played at Ibiza Rocks three times in the past: Ibiza Rocks Bar in 2006, Pikes in 2007 and Ibiza Rocks Hotel in 2008... here's a pic from that last time:


Can't wait to see them again on thursday at Santos!


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The acoustic series of concerts programmed for this summer at Santos arrived to the end last night...


The New York-based indie rockers We Are Scientists returned to the white isle after eight years since their last gig at Ibiza Rocks. Keith and Chris deliver a great set with a good mix of new stuff and old favourites including "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt", "Nice Guys", "Classic Love", "Rules Don't Stop", "The Great Escape", "Make It Easy", "In My Head" and many more. They're an entertaining bunch, constantly joking in between songs. A great way to finish the season... more of the same next year, please!



Well done Diego & co for putting up these events and, as Uncle Sal said two weeks ago, let's hope rock'n'roll continues to have a place in that bleak picture that is Playa den Bossa...


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On my arrival, and while I was waiting for the band to start, I was flicking through the CD's of the DJ Wild Wolf and (apart from lots of good ol' funk/soul/rock jewels) I saw my all-time fave album and voilà, there you have Temple Of The Dog blasting through the speakers of the hotel... now that's a good start of the evening!!!
L.A., who played at Dorado Live Shows last year and will repeat this summer, paying tribute to the late Chris Cornell...

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