> Dorado Live Shows @ Santos 2018 [6 dates]


The Parrots already played at the disappeared El Reencuentro in San Antonio three years ago when they only had a few 7-inch singles out. Since then they've released a a full-length album, Los niños sin miedo (2016) and a few more singles (including a split with Hinds, who opened for Primal Scream last year).

The garage rock band from Madrid played a full electric show with songs like "I did something wrong", the hypnotic "To the people who showed me their love while I was here", the new "My love is real" (which will come out in a couple of weeks), their cover of "All my loving" by The Almighty Defenders, "Soy Peor", "No me gustas, te quiero" featuring Javier Calvo from Los Javis on guest vocals (the couple of actors and directors screened their latest movie La llamada at the Paradiso hotel last tuesday), "Somebody to love", etc.

The less known band in this year's line-up but easily the most fun to watch live.




El próximo 19 de septiembre Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel se transformará en un espacio donde rebosará el arte, la moda y la música.
DJ's en directo, fashion market con numerosas marcas, una exposición de fotografía para ver Ibiza a través de las lentes de nueve fotógrafos de orígenes, culturas y países diferentes, artistas pintando en directo... y la actuación de Russian Red!
No podemos desvelar más... apúntate en la guest list. Y no olvides continuar la noche en Rock Nights (Pike's)



For its closing Dorado Live Shows moved from Santos in Playa den Bossa to Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel in Cala de Bou, which also celebrated the opening of a collective photography exhibition called A postcard from utopia in the Adda Gallery (part of the hotel's premises)...

Aside from the change of location, it was a special evening because Russian Red (real name Lourdes Hernández) is very selective when it comes to doing concerts nowadays, choosing to play in small intimate venues as she explained to IB3 television, so there was a big expectation.

Currently based in Los Angeles, the indie folk singer-songwriter born in Madrid debuted in Ibiza with a short show featuring songs from the covers album Karaoke (2017), her fourth full length, like "It's a heartache" (Bonnie Tyler) or "Take my breath away" (Berlin) and some originals like "Cigarettes", her most famous song.

Afterwards it was time to go to Pikes for Rock Nights' closing, who will do an extra date at the beginning of october as usual.