Dorado Live Shows @ Santos 2017


Selected tuesdays between june 13th and september 19th... Exact dates and line-up to be announced soon!

This year, we’re excited to announce that DORADO LIVE SHOWS will hold acoustic concerts on the Tuesdays that IBIZA ROCKS doesn’t have a concert on, ensuring a brilliant live gig experience is guaranteed each week before ROCK NIGHTS at Pikes.

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Cycle is a band formed by producer David Kano, the choirs and performances of the actress and dancer La China Patiño. Using tools of the 21st century, they combine technology and old guitars to create sounds ranging from electro to pop and punk to techno with a lot of class.



Lori Meyers is one of the best music bands from Spain, formed in 1998 by Antonio López (Noni), Alejandro Méndez, Julián Méndez & Alfredo Núñez. According to Rolling Stone magazine, they have one of the best live shows of the past years.



Mando Diao is an alternative Rock band from Borlänge, Sweden. The band got their breakthrough with the release of the album Hurricane Bar. Since then, they started a huge round of concerts giving their energy to the audience.



Its name is taken from Corona, Californian locality where Fender located its factory of production of guitars until 1991, year in which it moved to Arizona. And this fact is explicit enough to realize what we are talking about, primitive rock and roll, high quality instrumental surf music.


Amazing double bill!


This summer tuesday will be the favourite day of the week for live music aficionados. Dorado Live Shows and Ibiza Rocks now take place that day so (almost) every week there will be concerts on at either Santos or Ibiza Rocks Hotel before heading to the already classic Rock Nights at Pikes.


The opening of this year's series of acoustic concerts in front of the sea was also a way to remember the gone-but-not-forgotten Rustic, the coolest Rock music bar ever in this little island, where lots of ibicencos had some of their best nights and where the party Rock Nights first started. Apart from the resident Colin Peters and Rustic DJs Javi Box and AngelZ (who started his set with Audioslave as a tribute to the late Chris Cornell), they invited the singer and composer Azahar López to warm-up. She played her own material and also covered "Creep" (Radiohead) and "Sweet dreams" (Eurythmics).



Cycle, self-described as Madrid's deadliest electronic rock band, are formed by the producer David Kano, the actress and dancer La China Patino, the guitarist Juanjo Reig and the english singer Luke Donovan and have a long list of releases, most of them on highly respected indie label Subterfuge Records (Dover, Killer Barbies, Vinila Von Bismark, Arizona Baby, Corizonas, Anni B Sweet, etc).

By the time they went on stage the pool area of Santos was jam-packed. We had the chance to hear a first part in acoustic format (featuring an extra member on the second guitar) with "You know the surface", "Alex the crow", their latest single "Three little piggies" (an advance of their new album which will be out after the summer) and "Perfect pervert" and then the rest more electronic-oriented with songs like "Masquerade", "Sunset over the moon", "Saturday girl", their biggest hit "Confusion!!!" or "Run with you".

Tuesdays rock and that's a fact!



Lori Meyers are the guests next week. Tickets are only 15€ (including a beer) and can be bought here.


Cycle said:
Espectacular como nos habéis tratado Ibiza. Como nadie y como nunca!!!. Especial mención a Diego y Leyla de Rock Nights y el Dorado Suite Hotel y Santos Ibiza. Siempre en el


The second event of the season was the busiest since the risky adventure of doing unplugged shows in Ibiza started last summer, with plenty of first-timers who didn't want to miss Lori Meyers. This time, apart from live music and dj's, they also had the presentation of this year's Sonorama festival, which takes place in August in Aranda De Duero (Burgos) and has a few faithful fans in Ibiza. Its 20th anniversary line-up includes Berri Txarrak, Sidonie, Sexy Zebras, Aurora & The Betrayers, Amaral, Iván Ferreiro, Ilegales, Depedro and Novedades Carminha among many others.

First we had a surprise 3-song set by folk singer Anni B Sweet, who started with "Locked In Verses" and then, accompanied by her boyfriend Noni López, covered "Religión" by Lori Meyers and "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure.



Lori Meyers are an institution on the spanish pop scene and transcend labels like indie. With a 19-year career and some line-up changes, founding members Noni López, Alejandro Méndez and Alfredo Núñez continue carrying the flag. A regular feature at some of the biggest summer festivals in Spain, the band from Granada continues going strong.

For last night's concert, the sextet came as a trio with the mentioned Noni, Alejandro and Alfredo. They played a good mix of songs from their latest album En la espiral (2017), their sixth, along older stuff. We heard "Luces de neón", "Eternidad", "Impronta", "Zona de confort", "Siempre brilla el sol", the cheery "Emborracharme", "Océanos", "Mi realidad", "Rumba en atmósfera cero" and a curious rumba version of "Alta fidelidad". Anni B Sweet joined them on stage for the encore, a cover of "Be my baby" by The Ronettes, before they left for good leaving the audience cheering for more.

The band interacted with the enthusiastic crowd and showed that famous andalusian friendliness. As they mentioned a couple of times, let's hope someone book them again so they can come back fully plugged-in!



Dorado Live Shows continues on august 8th with L.A., the artist I enjoyed the most at Santos last summer and who later in the season opened for Wolf Alice at Ibiza Rocks. For 15€ you can enjoy the concert and you get a drinkie too. Tickets available here.


^^ rock photography exhibition, cocktails, DJs, live performance from nell shakespeare... from 8pm at dorado!


The exhibition took place at the super cool reception of Dorado with the presence of the photographers Juan Fajardo and Gijsbert Hanekroo... favourite photo: Ace Frehley from the hottest band in the world!




Santos, Tropicana and Dorado: three very good reasons to go down to Playa Den Bossa!


This week saw the return of L.A. from Mallorca. The three previous times Luis Alberto played in acoustic format and this time it wasn't different. While we continue waiting for someone to book L.A. for a full live show with the whole band, we had another chance to see him unplugged.

Luis debuted on the island three years ago at El Reencuentro (San Antonio) and then last summer he did the opening of Dorado Live Shows and the closing of Ibiza Rocks.

The mallorcan musician, who has toured around Europe and Latin America and opened for Arcade Fire, Franz Ferdinand, Muse, Placebo and many others, came to present his fifth studio album entitled King Of Beasts released in april. All songs have been written, played and produced by himself and in a way it's fair to say he moved into a more mainstream-oriented sound. It took me a while to get into it but now it's on heavy rotation in my car. Every time I've seen him in concert the setlist has been very different to the previous time, which is always a bonus, as he plays whatever he feels like. During almost an hour and a half we heard songs from his latest album like "Killing Me", "Where The Angels Go", "Leave It All Behind" or "The Keeper And The Rocket Man" and older ones like "Crystal Clear", "Elisabeth", "Dualize", "Higher Place", "Stop The Clocks" or "Secrets Undone".

The night continued at Pikes where Rock Nights celebrated their 12th anniversary.



The next event will be on august 22nd with swedish band Mando Diao. Tickets, including entry and a beer, available here.