Does anyone live in Ibiza? Help!


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I need some real advise from people that actually live there.
It looks like I am going to be traveling alone beacause the girl that was going to come with is probably going to back out.
I am having a hell of time trying to find a cool place to stay.
I don't want to stay at a quiet family place and I want the area to be fun too. If I am going to be staying by myself and maybe another person. As of right now I dont' want to depend on them though. I would like to pay 60 or under
Anybody got any ideas?

P.S. Also, hopefully the people responding to this live there, so maybe someone might want to get together for a drink or something.
Will be there Aug 12th-20th.
Hi Crystal,

I'll be at Ibiza (San Antonio) from August 02 to August 17.
I've a place for you to stay with us. I've booket a hotel studio for 8 persons and I'll be going with only 3.
Please let me know if you are interested...