Does Anyone Know About...



Hostel Mari??? I was checking out their web page and they seem reasonable and nice for what I'm looking for. Has anyone stayed there??? And if so, is it a good place to stay??? Thanks!

I'm going for the first time EVER!! And need some information on places to stay. This is one I'm looking at right now. Thanks!!!
no, there are in fact 248 seperate topics, each with a myriad of posts. i only counted the topics, not the posts. it's a labour of love
stephen, do you work at the same place as barbie and robo. spare time on your hands perhaps :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
i do not work, i am as my wife says, semi retired.

i did not however count any posts or topics. i just said that to impress you.
i have in fact been on the beach all afternoon!