Does anyone know about Soul City?


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HI! Its my 1st time clubbing in Ibiza as im just about to turn 18! :D I love dance music however my man is yet to be convinced! Im hoping Ibiza will do the trick! He's into the R n B scene and I want to keep him happy for the 1st few days anyway! So does anyone know any places we can visit!? We fly out next week!!!!

There is an r'n'b at El Divino in ibiza town this year, i think its on monday.

There will also be places that play r'n'b down the west end..

:lol: :lol:

Thanks for the advice! Can I ask as im short of cash being a student an all could you recommend the best club in San Antonio as ill only be visiting one or two during my short stay! :cry:
You can always take him to the bars on sunset for the pre parties ... Mambo has a great line up ...

Dunno what time they start off tho ...
Thanks! What are the Prices like in the Preclub bars?? Im staying All Inclusive so trying to minimise my budget :cry: :oops:
Whats the dresscode like for men?? My fella is 20 and is a tad scared that he'll look stupid!
To be honest I am guiding you only on what I myself have read on the board as I havent been to Ibiza since .. err well, you really dont wanna know!

Anyways ... re. dress codes ... anything goes ! Specially in the pre bars like Coastline, Kanya, Mambo etc etc ... In the clubs you can dress up or dress down ... i all depends on you! Just don't go too scruffy .. but I really dont think anyone does these days anyways ... and anyway if they did they would probably get v.i.p access as they were being particularlyt random! lol

I think I would prefer the sunset bars instead of a club in San An ... Do try and get to El Divino if your fella is into R N B !
Great advice! Ill try my best to get to El Divino!!! I hope to have converted him to a House music lover by the second week though!!!! Iv not been to the island since 2000 and iv had serious withdrawal symptoms! anyway only 12days to go!!!!!! :D :D :D

cookies and cream on a thursday at privalige
twice as nice on wed at es paradis.
their are 4 or 5 dars in the west end that play rnb
garage nation summum.

that for starters.